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    Some days he will text me non stop and be really chatty then he will switch and I will feel invisible.
    Today I’ve tried making conversation and he either read my text and took a hour to reply or just gave short two word reply’s.
    Then other days he will be non stop and starting conversation.
    I really can’t figure it out
    Unless he’s talking to lots of other women and they are getting his attention today.
    What do you think?

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    Are you actually going on dates with this man?

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    Yes about 7 dates

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    I would be a little wary. he seems to want to talk when he is free and in the mood. and at other times, he couldn’t be bothered even when you seem in the mood to interact. I think what you can try is avoid having marathon chat sessions when he initiates and at his convenience. keep your chats shorts and friendly. don’t overdo it.

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    Pay more attention to that instead of texting because it takes no effort to text.
    However, it take effort to show up for a date and be present.

    You cannot get to know someone via text. Save all the conversation for the dates.

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    Peggy Anne Rafus

    I imagine he has a job and a “life” and does not have time all the time to text non-stop with you. Don’you have a life too?

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