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    Recently met up with this guy was talking to since the summer. He was primarily hot & cold, and couldn’t give me a straight answer on what he was looking for. He would make it sexual, making comments about my body, but BOY oh BOY he did it in such a comfortable way. I was in quarantine so we sexted a bit, but at one point finally he was like “what are you looking for” and i said something more serious, (i knew he wasn’t a candidate for that but what is wrong with having some fun in quarantine), and he went on this whooole spiel about how “hes been lookin for the right person for some time now” and believes i am “the right person” ALL BEFORE WE MET, saying how he “only wants me”. Huuuge red flag to me, and I put him into “fun time” box, since he was still cute and I felt comfortable at least in general (for a bootycall).

    We ended up meeting up and chit chatting, got food and ended up having sex (which I was comfortable with, I knew it was going to escalate) and saying bye was a bit awkward (no hug or kiss), but I figured it is what it is, and onto the next one. It was an overall nice time, he did c*m within a few minutes, and I could tell he was embarrassed about that and even couldn’t tell me right away (he said he wanted to stop cause he was bloated….I felt kind of bad, since I was just practically warmed up ya know). Fast forward, no text from him really, small interaction next morning but nothing huge. This sounds so petty, but Today I shared some photos of myself on Instagram, and he commented on the post complimenting me saying “these are so nice aw”, and I genuinely do not know how to reply. Should I say thank you? I have never had a hookup comment on an instagram post?? I feel like most men just try to run away and hide after casual sex. Why do men comment and like on social media, but not text? My older friends said it means nothing, and he doesn’t have enough balls to text me since he finished so quickly in bed (that made me laugh), which I partially agree with, yet the girls my age told me I should reach out to him, which I found interesting. How should I approach this? Thank you.

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    Have you posted about this before? Your own actions and words dont really match. You describe yourself as this fun girl fine with sex, seeing right through the guys spiel and yet a like on social media throws you off since you dont know in what box to put it?
    I would give more attention to the girl you really are because to me it partly sounds your deluding yourself. Its ok to be either fun girl or girl hoping it would be more as long as its you

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    What do you want? Since you are overthinking about it, it means you said you were ok with casual, but you really are not. Playing the cool girl will never get you the man if it is fake.

    Instagram is literally the lowest form of communication. If you truly don’t care, then, do whatever you want.

    Since you actually care, do nothing and see if he shows up and stop deluding yourself about your not caring.

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    Liz Lemon

    I agree with Newbie and Tallspicy. For someone who supposedly doesn’t care, you are giving this a lot of thought. So I think you should be honest with yourself that you DO care.

    I personally think he probably wants to keep the bare minimum of contact with you so he can possibly hook up with you again. It sounds like this guy was after sex from the beginning….”He was primarily hot & cold, and couldn’t give me a straight answer on what he was looking for. He would make it sexual, making comments about my body”. He got what he wanted, and might want to hook up again in the future. So he wants to maintain very superficial contact with you over IG so he can reach out for sex later. The fact that he came fast doesn’t mean he won’t want to hook up with you again, he may have been embarrassed in the moment, but it won’t keep him from wanting sex again.

    How should you approach it? You should be honest with yourself about what you want from this guy. If you truly don’t care if you see him again, why does it matter if a hookup commented that you looked nice on an IG post?

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    No what would he run away.., you did make him cum🤷🏼‍♀️ But he also doesn’t take this seriously..it’s casual to him. Maybe he ll hit you up later for another round, maybe he won’t, but it’s nice to try and keep you warm with a minimal effort like ‘commenting on your instagram’:) doesn’t cost much and can lead to hook up if he feels like. You are a toy. And you you d like to think it’s something else, yet, he s confortable enough to keep you around for a bit. Don’t be surprised when guy don’t hear from him at all anymore after sometime:)

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