Why did he suddenly unfollow me on Instagram but not on Snapchat?

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    I chatted with this guy from Tinder a month ago, we live in different cities so only sexting on Snapchat. We had proper convos in the beginning too but later on it was only sexy talk – I never sent nudes even though he asked for them.

    In the end he just sent pics with no text so I started replying less and then he stopped Snapping altogether. It’s been 3 weeks and I noticed he unfollowed me on Instagram yesterday, even though I didn’t post anything to “trigger” him on any social media.

    It’s clear that there’s no reason for us to chat with each other, we can’t hookup bc of living so far away, but why does he then follow some other random girls from Tinder that also live far away?

    Why would he explicitly search for my name on Instagram and unfollow me?

    Why only 3 weeks later, why not immediately then?

    Does this mean he’s pissed off that I didn’t send nudes?

    I checked and he hasn’t removed me from Snapchat 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    Honey, who the f cares? I am sure you have some garbage that needs taking out, a friend who needs a call, a meal that needs to be prepped that are all more important!

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    Why are you fretting about this guy? Deleted him & move on…

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    To make you go crazy questioning and wondering why he did such a thing in a quest to keep you hooked in case he wanted to return for more sexting fun. Is it working?


    The reasons are endless. I never used insta, and I grew out of snapchat. But if it were me, instagram is a lot more public and you can see who your followers are. Snapchat is more private. Plus seems like you two communicated primarily on sc. Makes perfect sense to me why he’d still keep you there. A future casual sexting option

    More interesting question is why are you so curious about a guy so casual, different city, not to mention the 3 week silence. I get the pandemic and isolation and free time. But these are risky habits

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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