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    Just wanted to hear some opinions from the girls on this site about this, “When you love someone, you won’t be disappointed in them.”

    I heard this in a television drama years ago and thought it was complete bs at first because almost everyone disappoints somebody at some point in their life, right? Now four years later, I’ve met my first and hopefully, last love of my life, I’m starting to see the truth in this statement.

    I’m 24, but when I think back to the relationships I’ve had (3 in total, and dated 2 others short term), I realize that I was constantly disappointed. Not because they were bad guys, actually all of my relationships were quite smooth sailing until they ran its course. But there would always come a point where they did something I just couldn’t seem to accept, no matter how much I wanted to. For example, I was 18 when I had my first relationship. He was a great first boyfriend, and showed me what a healthy, loving relationship looked like. But he also liked to drink. We were long distance as we were in college, when one weekend, he drank so much he ended up being hospitalized. I went a whole day barely hearing from him and I was so worried. He was okay, he promised he would never let me down like that again, and we moved past it. But honestly, for me, that was the beginning of the end. I felt like a hypocrite since I liked drinking too, but for some reason, I was just so disappointed in him. Aside from that, he seemed like he didn’t have many other hobbies besides drinking as he claimed his college was a bar school. He was a good guy, but in the end, not for me.

    Now, my current boyfriend is no perfect man either. I found out a lot of things that he’s done in the past. He confessed it all to me, saying that it was all true, how he used to lie and deceive strangers for his own benefit. It felt like a jab in the stomach, to realize that the guy I love could do something like that. I even moved out for a short period of time to a shelter. He would come and sleep next to me every night until I finally came home. This was a year ago and our lives are much different now, so much better and he works an honest job. Even when I found out the worst part about him, I couldn’t find it in myself to be disappointed. It drove me nuts as I knew most people would be, but I loved him with my heart. He’s a good man and I know now I made he right choice to stay. He protects me, loves me, everyday and we’ve been through so much together at this point.

    I feel like this statement is something a lot of people need to hear. If your significant other is constantly doing things that make you feel like your relationship isn’t worth it, trust me, it probably isn’t. You should let them go because the one you’re meant to love, won’t ever make you feel like they’re not worth holding onto.

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    I don’t think this is about how much you love someone, exactly. It’s more about compatibility. If you’re disappointed in someone’s character, then you don’t share the same values and it impacts the levels of respect and trust. These two things disappearing will tank the relationship. You can love someone, even understand where they’re coming from, and eventually be disappointed in their choices and grow apart. But I do completely agree that if someone is habitually disappointing you, that’s a good indicator that it’s time to leave and the relationship isn’t right.

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