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    After getting my heartbroken in April, an ex reached out to me wanting to get back together and when I said no, it felt so good. SO GOOD.He slut shamed me for months and I did think for a moment about doing it, but realized NO. NOT WORTH IT. And I had to think of the name calling he used to do to me, and not our very few, good times together. I gained some self respect! How can you let anything new in while looking back? He even tried pulling the “friends” card too. Anyways, what I wanted to know is what are some of the best growth moments you’ve had in regards to saying bye, moving on, or separating yourself from a crappy ex?

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    So proud of you for standing your ground. There’s a reason that it didn’t work out the first place, especially since he was slut shaming you. He will never have the decency to just respect another human being, so you dodged a bullet.

    May I ask if you guys went no contact since April and then he suddenly reached out?

    I do not have any redeeming stories. Currently going through a heartbreak myself. My boyfriend and I broke up 2 weeks ago after a year and a half of dating. I felt as if it was too way for him to let me go, in a way discard me. Part of me wishes he will reach out to me and regret it just so that i can have that good feeling as well. Starting to think it’s not gonna happen, and I shouldn’t need him to come back to me to validate me.

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    My ex-wife and I met at 20 years old when we were in the Army. We had 2 kids together. We grew apart as we got older. By 31 we were divorcing, it wasn’t worried of our fault we just grew and found other than our kids we had nothing in common and our careers taking us literally to different parts of the world.

    Now in our 50s, both of us remarried we have a great relationship. She had 1 fantastic son with her new husband and I have 2 daughters with my 2nd wife. We have big sleep overs, her son and my 2 daughters see each other’s as step siblings even though there’s no real relation. Holidays are great cause even my current in laws will invite my ex- wife’s family over.

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    Fortunately I’ve only had one crappy ex.

    I simply never returned his phone call when he tried to maintain the relationship after we had broken up.

    There wasn’t a bone in my body that warranted any further action on my part to “gain some self respect” other than walking away.

    Now guys I’ve briefly dated in the past, that’s another story.

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    Meg–yes we went no contact since April up until I woke up night after Halloween with a follow request from him on instagram and then soon a text message. I removed him off of everything after the breakup immediately, and I even told him I would have to do it to heal. He clearly dumped me, yet when I said I do not want to be friends, he said “not gonna lie that stings me a bit,but I understand”. and I was like gotta love karma! woo!

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    Haha the tactic of Instagram follow request followed by a text seems to be a common thing. A guys i previously dated for a bit did the exact same thing. It is just an ego boost, unless they a really truly want you back and want a serious confession to be had in person.

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    Better off single

    I’ve only had 2 ex’s and both breakups were pretty hard to do. I do everything I can to end a relationship on good terms. Both relationships were bad timing. I was too young in my first one and my second one should have been a fling and turned into a relationship I was too insecure to realize it.

    My second ex, I really didn’t want to be with in the first place. He didn’t stop pursuing so I gave in. Once I did, he asked me to move in with him 3 months in, he stopped being charming and romantic. He spent half the time pretty much not working playing videogames and making the internet a priority. so I spent 7 years trying to get him to pay attention to me. I gave, he took, I was miserable. I realized him and I weren’t on the same page on a lot of things, the relationship never felt right to begin with, and was dragged out too long. I had a lot of emotional baggage I was battling so it wasn’t all him. We tried to stay friends and that really didn’t work out. 3 months after the breakup, he started talking to a girl 14 years younger than he was and i realized i had major issues with jealousy. I didn’t want to be with him and leaving him was the best thing I ever did. I couldn’t stand the idea of him moving on so fast and getting a prettier girlfriend. The jealousy started when I saw the connection they effortlessly had that I tried so f×cking hard to create between him and I. Jealousy can turn you into a terrible person and I did things I seriously regret and would never do again. He got me back and hit me where it hurt the most. We’re now on good terms. We have kids together. Sometimes I still have dinner with him and his family. I absolutely love his mother like she was my own that was probably the hardest part about the break up. Her and I still get together every now and then.

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    Nothing redeeming about my ex story, but an important lesson for every woman who has ever considered getting involved with a married/taken man:

    My ex cheated on me with a woman. She interpreted all the attention as love. They were “soulmates” in her mind. He was “the one”. And he apparently spent a lot of time with her and developed quite the relationship.

    The day I moved out and called it quits, he dumped her like a hot potato and started dating other women.

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    My best ex story is I walked away because I wasn’t a priority but his business was. He realized he couldn’t live without me, we got back together, got married and lived happily ever after.

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    The good story only happens over a lot of time until you reach the stage of indifference…don’t feel any negative or positive feelings for them. It took my ex husband about six years, after our 20+ year marriage, to reach that stage with me, where I had reached it much earlier, maybe because I’m the one who left him?

    We rarely talk, usually about our sons when we do, like our eldest son’s upcoming wedding next month and our youngest returning from Romania after an Army stint last month, so that’s the only good part about my ex story.

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