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    So matched with this guy on a dating app, seems like a nice guy and interesting. Stable job, got his life together like me, financially very similar to me. Someone great to bring home to meet my high achieving family, but… not much spark going on. (I matched with someone before that, sparks were flying, I mean oh boi I was soo into him and he was so into me but didn’t work out because he had 2 kids and I don’t think I can take care of his kids and mine in the future… so was a no go. Parted amicably though)

    Anyway back to this current guy… He said he’s busy the next 3 weeks because he’s going on holiday. I am too on holiday but only for 1 week so I’m not too fussed. But I feel like because the spark is low, I don’t know if I can wait for 3 weeks.

    I want to meet because texting can only go soo far and no point in texting everyday for 3 weeks…and not meeting. I want to meet in person to seee if there’s something there.

    I texted him today to see if he’d be up for meeting up Friday night but he’s like no I’m busy without an alternative date. It sounded like he wants to wait until he’s back from his holiday to meet. I’m literally so bored and I’m kinda over it now.

    I’m not talking to anyone else at the moment and I’m not in a rush to date, if it happens a it happens but would like to give it a go but he’s not giving me much to go on here. We’ve been talking for 1 week now.

    Note: he wants to settle down and have kids. That’s the stage he’s at. I’m a few years younger than him, so I’m not in a rush, if it happens it happens.

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    He has hinted he wants to meet me and take me on a date and replies pretty much instantly and talking throughout the day. No issues with initiating conversation. He does seem interested but just the meeting up thing,,, don’t get why need to wait so long lol

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    You can’t tell if there’s a spark before meeting. I’d stop texting and tell him to reach out when he’s less busy and has time to meet in person. Then prepare to just move on. It’s suspicious he’s dragging his feet to meet if he’s local and in town. That’s usually a red flag. You’re right not to talk a lot before you meet, because it builds expectations based on nothing, as he’s still a stranger for now.

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    Red flag when they don’t want to meet sooner rather than later. Don’t directly ask a man out, it’s his job to ask you out. I bet this guy is already in a relationship and just online for strokes to his ego. Doesn’t sound like he really intends to meet you. Maddie is right and I’d add just move on and if he comes back and asks you out on a date then you can decide if you want to go.

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    Meh…move on. Its never a good sign if a man won’t meet with you sooner and don’t ask men out.

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    I think you guys are right.

    He keeps wanting to chat but not wanting to meet or call at all. We’ve not said any inappropriate or sexual. Just how’s your day, your cute, what you up to ..etc.

    I asked to call a few times and social media but he always finds a way to dodge. I think you’re right, he’s either in a relationship or am a father with kids with a wife.

    I blocked him already. So disappointing and disgusting.

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    He’s not that into you. Sorry to say. Be in the present moment and not invest in guys you date. The one will show you he’s the one you can invest in. By doing nothing except showing up on dates.

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    Additionally, be in feminine energy. (The “receiver”) You are being masculine energy and guys want “feminine energy”.

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