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    I met a guy last year on tinder. We start to chatting as a friends around 4months. And just dating for one month. We spend our time together at his house and text/call everyday. Everything was good about him. He sharing all the things about him including his past relationship with all his ex. He said he was never sharing everything with others before. But with me he really easy to tell all his privacy life. However, he also share to me all the girls pictures he met before me. Mostly all the girl just one time dating and sex. This make me feel really insecure about our relationship because I start to like him now. Why must he share to me all his previous girl? He is playboy? Or he just play with me also?



    Didn’t you post that question just a few hours ago? And got answers on that? Stick to one thread please


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    Mod update: Hi Carmen – I appreciate that you’re sharing your questions with the community. But, as cupcake pointed-out, you’ve already posted another topic on this forum. You are welcome to continue your conversation in that thread!

    Also, in your other thread, you posted using the name “Lisa“. Please use a consistent name and don’t change names when posting here – thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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