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    Hi everyone,
    what is your opinion on “walking dates”?

    Recently a guy from OLD asked me out (first meeting), the plan was to first take a short walk as it was one of the last warm days and then grab a drink. It turned out to a pure walking date, with him even making a comment how he needs to move a lot because he has a low heart rate and gets cold very fast. Geez it’s warmer inside and there are outside heaters on terraces if you’re uncomfortable with sitting in closed spaces.
    Although the conversation was ok, this was a complete turn-off for me. For me, taking a walk is fine if it’s not the sole activity.

    Did walking dates stay a thing even after corona restrictions were lifted? What is your take on them?

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    that sucks. i wouldn’t bother to meet him again.

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    I think public place walking dates can be okay for brief introductions with someone you’ve never met before, and I had a couple OLD ones like that prior to covid that were okay. Second dates were always less casual, and he’d pay. But if you want to do something more involved, say it while initially agreeing to the plans. If he doesn’t like your input, it’s not a good match. In this case, sounds like he just wasn’t a good match anyway based on how the date actually went plus he dropped the second activity you were expecting to do and cut things short.

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    I’m definitely not seeing him again. I can’t be bothered to date someone who doesn’t think it’s necessary to sit and have a bit of face to face conversation. For me such dates are nice/romantic once people have been seeing each other for some time and enjoy being in each other’s company irrelevant of what they’re doing.

    As for cutting short, I wouldn’t say he cut it short, we walked for 2 hours (almost 10000 steps according to my phone :D) then I figured if he hadn’t suggested a drink by now, he won’t do it at all, so I politely said it’s late and an underground station is close, I need to go. I didn’t want to suggest grabbing a drink myself since I was on the fence about him and didn’t want to seem overly eager

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    That’s understandable, my okay walking dates still involved sitting down together in a park to talk and maybe take in a nice view. To-go is more typical in the US, so sometimes we might have grabbed a coffee or tea or ice cream to have during the walk (sounds like a hot beverage would have helped this guy stay warm :p). We didn’t just walk 5 miles without stopping!

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    Honesty Rocks

    Jeez What is the point of all that walking when you dont get a reward of a drink or a coffee at the end of it. Lol I had this exact thing and putting two and two together i worked out he was cheap and thats why we never had a coffee. The most off putting thing was when he said oh I dont want a coffee but never asked me if I wanted one. First date and not even trying. Good bye.

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