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    Ja reply to heartbrokenme

    I totally understand. It doesn’t matter his reason, that doesn’t give him the right to ghost you. I think it was good for you to ask that before you waste anymore time in someone who doesn’t want to be with you long term. You should text him again explaining what u mean by the question. If he still doesn’t reply than try to forget about him. I know it’s hard because I’m trying to do the same

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    Jalen a

    Hey Teresa

    That’s the same questions I had. It’s crazy how things like that happen. Hope that you’re doing well. My bf just ghosted me yesterday and sadly this is more common than I thought

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    Been awhile since I’ve been in college .. guess they don’t teach how to write paragraphs these days?

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    I’ve been dating a guy for six months. We’d see each other at least once a week. He told me he loved me. We never really had the exclusivity talk but he referred to himself as my boyfriend. I believed him. We had fun and we were even making plans for future dates, like concerts a couple months away and summer vacations. He became very unavailable very quickly and slowly stopped responding to my calls and text messages in a timely manner. I finally texted him ‘Are we even dating anymore?’ And he never responded. I sent him a message that said ‘I guess I got my answer.’ And that was it. I haven’t heard from him since.

    I’m not going to lie. Being ghosted by him really stung and I’m still hurt. It’s been three weeks. I had left my favorite sweatshirt at his house and I debated just not getting it back. But I liked it. A lot. I texted him and asked, “hey, anyway I can get my sweatshirt back? I feel kind of silly asking but it’s my favorite.” He texted me back and said “of course”. Now we have plans to meet up in a couple days. I hope I can manage my emotions. I’m still really hurt. I don’t really want him back but part of me wants to know why he ghosted me. And part of me wants to tell him what a jerk he is. I’m just not sure what to do. I kinda wish I would have just bought a new sweatshirt.

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    If you feel like it will be too much to see him, you don’t have to. You can respond back and say, something has come up and I cannot get my sweatshirt, don’t really need it that badly.

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    I’d respond saying I couldn’t make it if I felt seeing him would set me back emotionally.

    Can you ask him to just mail the sweatshirt or drop it off at your house (while you’re at work)?

    Then you’d have it back without throwing yourself into unwanted emotional turmoil.

    Save your peace of mind!

Viewing 6 posts - 76 through 81 (of 81 total)
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