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    I have been seeing a new guy on match.com it has only been a couple of weeks. See neach other twice so far. After a night out, he mentioned that he would talk to me soon and made it sound like he would call me the “next” day to come over to my place to eat some of my roast I was slow cooking. Well, he never called, and I didn’t call him. Now, after 4 days, he sent me a text last night with just a question mark–? that was it!!!! In your opinion, what does that even mean to you? I have not responded to that yet. Not sure how!

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    Hi Kerry.

    I would receive it as: you really haven’t been on my mind over the past few days, but I was bored and thought I would check in to see if you respond.

    A man who’s interested will check in the next or the day after (there’s a 48 hour man rule I learned), but not with a lone question mark, usually its a “good morning”, “how are you?” or “how was your day?” text. I would respond with “??” to see what he does and if he doesn’t step up delete his number and move on. Don’t get into the text trap with men—they know how to reach you and ask you out again if he’s interested enough.

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    I would respond to the “?” by point blank asking him what that is supposed to mean lol.. I mean, it could have meant a number of things and rather than playing a texting game back and forth, I think I would simply ask him what he meant by that. After his reply, take the conversation from there. If he doesn’t reply, I would consider things to be over.. atleast for now. good luck!!

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    Thanks ladies!
    LOL! It’s funny how each of us interpret that simple ? in different ways! My thoughts when I saw it go like this:
    1. He is so lazy, he can’t use his words?
    2. He is wondering where I have been? What I’m up to? Why i haven’t called?
    3. He has a communication problem and a ? is the best he can do?
    4. He thinks I am a “mind reader”!!!!!!!

    I will take your advice and see what happens!

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    I dated a guy that used to send one word texts or would reply to things with just “hmm” or “?” oh gosh it drove me crazy!! He turned out to be immature, not ready for a relationship and pretty selfish. Now I know that a man that is truly interested, calls. He calls to talk and to make plans in advance. He doesn’t just send texts or cryptic texts. He goes after what he wants.

    I’d reply to this guy, with “??” back! lol And i definitely wouldn’t plan on much happening with this guy for sure.

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    I also would go with ?? back, you don’t lose anything and it’s too early to be questioning or lecturing a guy on his texting habits, just let him tell you who he is.

    I also agree with Ali, low effort textors are often lazy and not relationship minded, that is what I found in my experience.

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    Hi! i did send a ? back at him and asked him what he meant by this and guess what?
    He texted back and said “Hey!!!! What’s going on? He didn’t even answer my question!!!!!
    What the heck is going on with this man? Oh boy!!!!!!

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    I just told him I was working and he said me too! Wierd!

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    He did answer it by answering “what’s going on?”—that’s what a ? means to him in text lingo.

    Do not initiate any texts or engage in endless texting banter. If he’s doesn’t ask you out then shut him down pronto and delete him from your phone. A man who’s interested KNOWS how to ask a lady out on another date, so don’t waste your time on these lazy guys.

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    Well, that’s male lingo i have NEVER quite heard before. I am going to give him 1 week to ask me out for a 3rd date, {only because I am leaving town this weekend and he knows it} if he doesn’t, i am moving on…and maybe even before then!!!! We shall see!!!! This dating world is something else!!!!!!!!

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    Not impressed by this guy.

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    I have another quick question…….this will benefit many women out there with the same problems now or in the past. I know the man’s “actions” must follow his words he says to us but REALLY…how do we really KNOW when a man really genuinley likes us, loves us, and wants to be with us OR whether they are just telling us what we want to hear to get what they want, play us, when what they really want is a FWB or a placeholder till they find someone better? What ways can you even tell the difference?

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    A man who genuinely cares about you will have actions that show he cares and words that say he cares.

    A man who does not genuinely care about you will mess up in either or both actions and/or words at some point and there will be a disconnect.

    If you are unsure as to how he feels then he probably isn’t showing and/or telling you that he cares and you will be confused. If you are confused then something is probably wrong in the situation because with the right man and the right situation you will have certainty and feel happy with him and without him.

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    Hi Kerri

    You will only know after time. He will keep doing what he says he is going to do and his actions will reflect his feelings. Any dickwad can maintain interest for a few weeks or a month or so. He needs to be the initiator and CONTINUE to CONSISTENTLY be the initiator.

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    Also, this is gonna seem funny but if you need a checklist there here is a good one:

    google how-to-Tell-when-a-Guy-Is-Using-You-for-Sex

    If you need to look that up then he probably is using you cause you would never wonder this with a man that truly cared for you.

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    That was really GOOD advice! This has just happened to me in the recent past and I do NOT want to go through that again {or anyone else for that matter!} It is painful when you realize the TRUTH after 6 months of dating. It really hurts. And after they are through with you, playing you, and find someone else, they DISAPPEAR!!!! POOF! No explanations, no contact with you, no NOTHING! I feel bad for any woman who has to endure this when they have deep feelings for the man. And as I continue down this dating path, I want more knowledge and to be prepared! Thanks again ladies!

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    I wouldn’t reply…
    He’s suddenly lost the ability to type a word?

    He’s lazy & fishing…

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    What does it mean when you get two lines a question marks from a guy after he says hes looking forward to seeing you.

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    It means he can’t write…

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    Michael Jordan

    It means you deserve better. Real men communicate.

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    Blow him off. He has shown you he’s not worth an ounce of your time.

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    He reply my txt with a question mark

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    Then he has a question or doesn’t understand your text, Casey. You should start a new thread and tell us more.

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    Anon Thank you. I read all the responses and couldn’t believe a Women who knows her worth.

    Ladies, stop giving men excuses to disrespect you.

    Real men CALL, they don’t text. You deserve better. Stop settling.

    I let men know with a text response.
    I deserve better. Goodbye Mr. Texting!!


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