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    I have been talking and hanging out with this guy for a while now and we’ve slept together but we have never spent the night together. We are planning to spend the night together for the first time in a couple days and I’m very nervous. Does anyone have any advice/tips? Thanks!

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    What are you nervous about?

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    Better off single

    Do you snore like a diesel engine? Is that what you’re nervous about?

    Bring an over night bag with necessary toiletries.
    Wear sexy undies.
    Bring sexy toys to play with.
    Snacks. Don’t forget the snacks and bottled water.

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    Is he your boyfriend?

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    What is the difference between sleeping together & spending the night?

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    Liz Lemon

    @Raven, I think she means having sex then going home afterwards (not spending the night), vs. having sex and actually spending the night sleeping in the bed together until morning.

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    Thanks Liz… I’d like to hear from the OP-

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    Liz is correct. That’s why I’m nervous because everytime we’ve slept together we end up going our own way.

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    The only advice I can give is to protect your heart. Men don’t view sex like women do, where they have the ability to have sex with a different lady every night and never have feelings for her. My concern for you is that this milestone will make you bond (fall deeper in love with him) but he may very well not have or want that kind of bond with you and this is just a sexually based affair, aka FWB.

    The only thing you need to bring is yourself, clean pair of undies, shirt, toothbrush and travel size deoderant that can easily fit in your purse just in case he suggests grabbing some breakfast or brunch the next morning.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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