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    Hello, thanks for helping me.
    I met this guy a month ago through a friend. He immediately acted interested, late night calls, constant texting and kept driving to come and see me. Even when I lost my number, he reached out and found me again, he was always the one initiating things. We talked a lot,about everything. The thing is I started falling for him and gave hints he could pursue me but he never really asked me out, with words I mean, but kept giving me attention. Today we were talking on whatsapp, when he casually mentionned his “babe” . I was shocked and asked why he mentioned her only today ? To what he responded that ” the subject never came out,that’s why”.
    I just said ok and have been silent since.I feel stupid and humiliated.
    Why would someone act like that ? And what to do if he tries talking to me ?

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    He sounds amazing- Not…

    Ask him what would his GF think of his shenanigans if she were to find out…

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    Why do you feel stupid and humiliated? You didn’t do anything wrong.

    Why did he do this? Because he’s not happy with his GF but isn’t ready to dump her yet. He’s looking for attention and distraction in other places, like you. Lame. He’s been exposed now. And he’s shown himself to be not good enough for you. If he dumped her and started dating you, you can expect this is what he would do behind your back, because how a man is treating his last GF is just how he will treat you.

    When a man doesn’t directly ask you out, there’s always a reason. And this is most often it – he’s otherwise occupied. Now you know not to entertain men aren’t stepping up pretty quick.

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    And I would just block him and be done with him right now. If you can’t avoid him, just tell him honestly that he was giving signals that he was single and interested in you and since that isn’t the case, you’d rather not be spending time one on one talking with or seeing another woman’s man and you’d rather keep it light and friendly in group settings only.

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    You did nothing wrong,
    block this looser now!

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    *Known him for some months ago I meant

    I’d like to thank all of you guys for your quick answers and the good advices, I feel less lonely now, thank you so much, particulary to K and Raven. Zoe you’re also right, I did block him , thank you !

    I guess his gf will find out by herself the kind of guy she’s dating. And I must say I did have a little hope he wouldn’t do that if he was actually happy with the gf, but as K said, a cheat will always cheat. So I hope we never talk again.

    Wishing all of you great relationships and mind-blowing org*sms.

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    He seems immature and not worth your time. :)

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