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    It’s a recent thing and what scares me that he’s insecure inside but overcompensates it by acting confident.
    I totally can skip the party, of course it might raise suspicions since well I always came and would have to pretend to get sick. But I know I’ll bump into him. It’d be better if it took place one year from now. Would you go and try to enjoy yourself while being on high alert (will he sabotage me/laugh?) all the time? Should I make it a practice out of this or skip the corporate event? Btw, should I acknowledge his presence by smiling or pretend to don’t know him? (I knew it’d happen, after all christmas season, workmates, duh)

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    Better off single

    If he us insecure and overcompensates by acting confident and you are the one who burned him or he burned you, i highly doubt he will even come near you let alone look at you.

    What a boy thinks about you has nothing to do with you. Enjoy the party.

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    Thank you, I hope we’re on the same boat. In case I notice him should I slightly turn my head to pretend I didn’t see him or is it childish? We probably both will pretend the other doesn’t exist (unless he wants to joke about me which crossed fingers, hopefully won’t happen). One thing for sure – I won’t look at him.

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    If you’re going to be so worried then don’t go.
    Tell your colleagues you have a family outing or another event you can’t miss.

    Why give this so much energy?

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    First of all this isn’t a “nightmare scenario”. A nightmare scenario is having to show up at a wedding where your ex fiancé will be with the woman who he cheated on your with!! This guy was just a crush, you told him your feelings and blew up his phone and I can pretty much guarantee you this won’t be the most embarrassing, or even most awkward moment in your life.

    I make it a policy to never skip a company party unless I absolutely have to for a legitimate reason. The owners and management of the company always attend and want to show gratitude to the employees for their hard work during the year. It never hurts to make a good impression and I guarantee you they notice who is and isn’t there. As a matter of fact, there are more odds you will be talked about negatively for not being there. I was a shareholder in a large firm and we always threw a big Christmas party and gave out gifts and door prizes to the employees. And it was always a matter of discussion of who didn’t show up.

    So what you bump into him? What better way to show him you are over this infatuation with him and out moving on with your life and having fun! If it’s a party you can bring a date I would encourage you to bring a good guy friend and make the most of it!! Then you can acknowledge his presence and even introduce him to your “friend”!! And in the future don’t get involved with guys you work with. It can be very bad on so many levels. Your situation is a mild inconvenience compared to others I know!

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    Dee Howard are you? I’ve been seeing someone the last year.We were friends for two years, and then one night we decided to be together. But lately, Im the one texting, and he rarely answers me. He works two jobs, and I work full time, studies, and my kid. And, he knew all this when we started this wihirl-wind. He tells me he is patient then does not really text. I will say GN, and I miss you, but nothing in return. Should i not answer him at all or text any more and go from there? He told me when we started this, that he cannot give me a relationship, even though he wanted to. But he has plans to retire in Jan, and by spring plans to go home to chicago to be next to his mom, and when she passes, plans to move back here and be with the grandkids. Im thinking of just letting go. Even though we love one another but just different forks in the road. they always say that age really does not matter; but from my experience in some respects it does.

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    I would go, and if he say’s something snarky just respond with “if you weren’t double jointed you would starve to death” in front of the group, then walk away with your head held high!

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    Girls, you rock. If he tries to embarrass me to my plus 1 or others (I’ll probably bring some friend) then he’d be the one looking crazy, desperate! Even if he showed my messages, pretty lame. Late, your snarky response is the best.
    Kaye – ouch, that’d be definitely worse. To be honest I already feel him being in my thoughts from time to time but disappearing because with no interactions he fades.. That’s a great part about moving on. And just having a crush so a few positive memories are just like that. My life hasn’t changed. It’s a good move that I’m more about myself and dignity than his response. (I’m not going to completely lie, but I’m on the right path!)
    I love this community.

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