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    So without going into my life history. I was married, moved to a different state. Divorced after 17 years. Dated someone for 3.5 years, was engaged. Dumped via text message… that alone could take up to a day to explain. Found out I had an incurable condition. 3-5 years at the most. Moved back home. Met a nice, fantastic, supportive guy. Was dating for 11 months. Everything was great. Was able to get a treatment that basically saved my life. He met someone else while I was in the hospital…he dumped me once I was released and able to return to work and then started dating this other person. In the mean time the first guy was begging me to move back, said he made a mistake. I said no. I was happy with what I had. Now he is dating a mutual friend (who has been arrested for larceny) which is fine….there was no way I was moving back for him. I totally did not trust him. But the guy I did trust totally screwed me over at the same time. Wth am I doing wrong. How to I attract such heartless cruel men. I was totally blindsided the first time and was super aware the second. I did not chase him. I followed his lead every step of the way. I am just so hurt what am I doing wrong?

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    Just wanted to add….I am not ugly. The condition I had was not something that anyone would k ow about, unless I told them. I am a bit heavier than I was before treatment. I was a size 8 now I am a 12…some 10’s. I have a job, car and house. So it’s not like I need money or anything outside the norm.

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    You are not doing anything wrong assuming you saw no signs of their cruelty before. Did they mention small aggressions or treating people badly before. How did they talk about their histories or breakups? The reality is not all relationships last and no one owes you a happily ever after. and how you look has nothing to do with it. Ugly people get and deserve the same good treatment and often get it.

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    You could say im ugly and i found the love of my life later on in life. Your story is nothing special except the part where you got treatment that prolonged your life. Thats something big. I would just celebrate that all day long.
    How many people will we find that are truly a long life match. We pretend here that everybody can find a man with the right attitude but thats not realistic at all. Soon there will be more single households than family households. At least in my country. So i dont think you did something wrong except maybe go along in a relationship where the other party is not all in. Based on what you said where one guy broke it off after 3 years and the second after 10 months. Maybe you missed some clues about the guys not really being in love with you. But only you can tell. For the rest, being single is fine, life your life as a happy single and maybe a goid man will come along anyway

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    Thank you. I was just really annoyed at the timing.

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