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    ‭ Advice or help with no contact

    Always appreciate people taking time to read and help. My ex and broke up about a month ago. I have to be honest otherwise any help is meaningless.

    For 3 weeks I would go quiet for 3/4 days and then beg or get upset. Not my finest hour but I did. I then did two weeks of no contact over and including Valentine’s Day.

    My ex as recently as 8 days again (I stopped checking) would put obvious hints in her instagram stories like moving a photo of us, quotes from people we like, or about a concert we had tickets to. I stopped checking now.

    I broke no contact on Sunday to ask for some stuff back like an iPod and jacket. I shouldn’t have. She told me how well she was doing in like an essay. Amazing grades, really happy, doing this and doing that. We chatted almost like normal and she said she was happy I was in a good place. She even recommending a book for me on WhatsApp, by unblocking and then blocking me again.

    She said she would post my stuff but I don’t even think she has the address of my parents house. She said take care and I cracked a bit and said sorry I was obviously holding you back, great you are doing so well.

    I’m now on day 2 of no contact again, but I actually deleted all my social media and WhatsApp and haven’t checked. What do people think she is thinking or what is going on?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You treated her badly & she is moving forward… Good for her!

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