My husband hurt me, i feel so broken and betrayed. im falling apart

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    My name is Claudine im from South Africa.

    Saterday afternoon Midday my husband left and said he is going to some work at the office. 3 hrs later i whatsapped to check in if he is winning. He told he decided he will do the work tomorrow he went to nearby pub and grill with some colleagues. okay thats fine..he kept texting throughout the day just to check in as usual.

    Aroung 21:00 at night i called to check in, he said they are still at the pub and grill but he is gonna head home soon. Okay thats fine 00:00 he is still not back which is strange coz in South Africa lockdown curfew is 23:00..he should be home by now coz pubs are closed so i called him, he picked up he sounded drunk and he said he is gonna give someone the phone so i can talk to them..some guy who claimed to be his cousin said my husband was at his place…almost 70km away from our house. i am not even sure when he went there coz he told me he was at a pub nearby. He said he might be too drunk to drive i told him to request and uber, he said i must come fetch him. i told him im not driving at that time if he cant find an uber he must not drive. okay fine he would call me/ or i will call every now and then until around 01:30 when he stopped taking my calls.

    he ignored my calls , but i could see he was online on whatsapp he was not even respodning my texts. I was so angry i started texting who are u with that u cant take my call bla bla..eventualy around 03:00 i slept.
    Woke up following day he is still not taking my calls..around 10am he is stil not home. online on whatsapp but ignoring my texts and calls.

    There is a new helper that had started working for us on i asked her to clean our bedroom that morning while i showered. after showering i noticed my phone is flat so im busy looking for a see a some cable hanging from top shelf of our wardbrobe when i pulled it a condom fell. Mind you we have not used a condom in 3 years and we moved houses twice since then so it can be ours from old days…this is just one condom..what happend to the other 2 coz there are three in a pack? and why does my husband who still has not answered my calls by now 11:30 in the morning have a condom coz we dont use them. The new helper could not have planted it she does not even know us. i got angry got into the car drove 400km to my mothers house. sent him whatsapps angry and told him about the condom he forgot when he went to see his bitch coz clearly thats where he is hence he cant take my calls. He just replied with an ok. He got back home aound 15:00 in the afternoon , security called me to open for him on my phone coz he had left his gate tag at home. So this man did not sleep home, he ignores my calls, i found a condom that he has not explained. He has not even called me to say still at my moms house.

    Does he love that side chick so much that maybe he wants me to leave so he can be with her? why has he not called or text anything really to explain himslef?
    i feel so hurt and broken.

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    That’s quite the story…

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