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    I dated my ex one year.. november 11 was our one year anniversary and we broke up eight days ago.

    We were arguing and it’s a petty stupid arguement. Out of anger; i lash out to him and told him that his dick is small. He got very mad about it. He gives me an ultimatum that if i leave his place .. we will break up for real because we keep breaking up and getting back together.

    I want to leave at his house because i want to cool off but on his mind he made up the choice to sever contact with me. I found out that i was block on his bday nov 27. I tried to greet him our of courtesy.

    Even I’m a female and lots of people say he is not good. 8 still stuck to him. People say he is not good because he is jobless and that everytime we go outside i would be the one who always pay for the food and groceries. HE never pitcjed in. I did love him.

    When he block me … i was hurt and devastated. I made the wrong move and i contact him on two different phone numbers to greet him happy bday and he block those numbers too. Everyday i would cry and regret that maybe if i dont leave at his house.we would still be together but i cannot go back from past.

    Is there apossiblity where he will unblock me? And what if i showed up to his house? His family is outof country and no friends. Im worried about him and christmas is coming too

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    You told him, “ that his dick is small.”

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    This is very messy and your personal comment to him was very hurtful. However, going by your comments about him being jobless and not helping is also a big problem. If you were angry due to his inability to be responsible that is what you should have discussed, not say mean comments that have to do with his physical appearance.
    I think you need to leave him alone. If you already apologized and tried to correct what you said, then at this point there is nothing more you can do or say. If he really cares about you and is interested in making things work he will come back. However the fact he blocked you shows me he is very angry and doesn’t want to speak to you at this time. Do not worry about Xmas, he is a grown man.

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    You bouth sound like a horrible couple, in a way that its a rollercoaster ride that has nothing to do with true love. Im sure both of you are addicted to the drama and will keep going back so im sure he will unblock you. And you do another ride and another and another. Meanwhile you start to think this really is love and every second longer spend with this guy is less chance you will actually find a guy that suits you. If you think all this drama of breaking up, trying again i strongly recommend some therapy because its not normal. And if you are able to see that, it will help you a lot as in what to accept but also how to give away (as in trying to fight fair about things that matter)

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    This is an update Dec 1 . I showed up at his place unannounced.. yea it is stupid… i should not have done it and i wont make people recommend what i did but we made up. So were back together now. I told him that our petty arguements can be solve .

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