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    My boyfriend [23M] invited his ex to his big party [24F] and i don’t think she should come

    I over heard my boyfriend inviting his ex to his party. My boyfriend talks to his ex regularly they seem close. I’m not an insecure woman so i don’t think anything of it

    Today he FaceTimed her while at my house. And when she answered he went into the other room. And he starts telling her about the party.
    She says well i don’t know about going
    So he starts asking her why and then he says “are you not going because I’m going to be there” then he says “bring your mom your sister your cousin to the party just come and i been missing you too so yeah come”

    So she says “well you got a gf so i don’t think that’s a good idea” and he says “I’m single i don’t owe you or nobody else nothing”
    Then he said if you don’t wanna talk or deal with me anymore just say that” “even if you don’t i know you’re going to text me again sooner or later asking to see me”

    TL:DR; am i overreacting or am i underreacting? I don’t think she should be invited to go

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    Your BF sounds like an @ss!

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    He said he was single with you in the next room as he was asking his ex to come to a party? Gross, dump him.

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    I hope this isn’t Cappygirl again. That guy was such bad news and around the same age and it sounds like something he’d do. If it’s not, he doesn’t respect you or your relationship, ditch him. If it is, you knew what you were committing to before getting official and don’t seem to care how he behaves as long as you can say you’re in a relationship.

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    I assumed since he was inviting everyone he didn’t care

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    He FACETIMED? Not text but facetime his ex at YOUR house, He told his ex he MISSES her and said he was SINGLE. I mean he could be friends all he want with her but this level of disrespect and no boundaries ain’t flying even for the most secure woman. Who the hell does he think he is? Even with the ex he sounds like he’s full of himself. Tell him to have a nice birthday party..and life.

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    ANM Staff

    Hi Kilj – You posted this thread back in May where you pretended to be a 29 year old guy, and now you are posting as someone else with some other story. I also noticed the things you attempted to post and got caught in the spam filters. None of your stories line-up; are you just copying and pasting stuff from reddit for giggles?

    Those kinds of shenanigans are not respectful of the community here. You are not welcome to post anything else in this forum.

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    My ex invited his ex girlfriend to his party…knowing I’ll be there…but what he has told me about her,left me thinking that she’s dead to him cause of the anger when he talked about her ,how she emotionally abused him,how she put him into depression,and bad mouth his hy his church and how his family basically hates her for what’s she did to him….but still she pops up at his party amd taking pictures together …”She even texted and threatened me a while ago,just like he said she did to his family”…and the next day he post a picture of her on his status?

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    ANM Staff

    Hi Ella – Welcome!

    Your question is appearing as a response to someone else’s topic. So, some of our community members may respond, but many will not. Can you go ahead and copy and paste your question into a new topic, using the form on this page? If you do that, then your question will appear in a fresh new topic and more people are likely to respond.

    Best wishes!

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    @Ella, Is your BF always this much of an idiot?

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