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    I want to know from you ladies, when do men actually realise what they’ve let go of? When they had a woman who made them smile, made them happy, laugh, they felt really comfortable and relaxed with you. They were treated like a king. You supported them in a lot of ways and you just had this gentle nature with this guy but he just threw it away. Will men miss these small things?


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    who knows? maybe, maybe not. but they probably have some valid reason for walking away.

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    Generally speaking, men (and women) only sometimes feel regret when they left due to their own commitment or other emotional / mental health issues and not due to actual incompatibility. Also, they may feel sad about the situation but choose not to ever act on it. And they may feel regret but only about handling a breakup poorly and without enough respect for you.

    Treating a partner well is great, because other people deserve respect — but the treatment should also be mutual. Don’t lose yourself going overboard “supporting” someone who takes you for granted.

    I’m sorry you are hurting, but see if you can shift your perspective. Instead of wondering if he will ever wake up, don’t you deserve someone who doesn’t need to lose you and miss you first to appreciate you? Good riddance to him!

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    Them missing your kindness is not enough, that wouldn’t make them treat you better even if they gave it another go. Notice how all the things you wrote are about how you made him feel, not about you. You want a guy to love you for who you are, not for how you treat him.

    According to some other forums with more male input, sometimes they start appreciating and missing a girl after some time and reflection, but usually even in such cases they don’t reach out, being out of fear of being rejected or them actually turning into better person and admitting the girl deserves someone who treats her better from the start. In 99% of the cases they just try to treat the next girl better.

    tl:dr don’t hold your breath, find someone who appreciates YOU from the start

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    *maybe to correct myself: he should primarily love you for you, loving you for how you treat him is secondary

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