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    Is it worth continuing seeing a guy if he’s not making plans but excuses? This guy has been texting me all day every day but when it comes to hanging out, he says maybe. That happened a few times then I said I was done. He told me to not be like that, he didn’t know I seriously wanted to hang out on xyz night, then texted me a sad crying face when I reiterated that I was done. I left it on read. Even though he says he doesn’t want to end things, I should still continue with being done right?

    My friends think it may be because I only view him as a FWB and he might like me too much to go along with that. ??

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    Better off single

    No. Maybe means unsure.

    unsure is a roller coaster that will make your head spin and cause you to become mentally ill.

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    Why do you want to hang out with a FWB?
    Maybe you’re the one with feelings…

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    If he was really into you, he’d be making an effort to see you. And I would think would elicit more than just a sad crying face when you broke it off. I think this guy might just be e-tethering you. I would stand your ground and find someone else who’ll give you their time and not string you along.

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    Omg, he does not like you too much. Rediculous. Stop telling them that you’re going to not hang out with them that’s ridiculous just don’t hang out with them and not be available.

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    My friends were right – he wants to date me. So we’re going on our first real date tonight…

    Your intuition is also probably correct, Raven ;)

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    Better off single

    Him: Wanna be a baller shot caller
    Twenty inch blades on the Impala
    A caller gettin laid tonight
    Swisher rolled tight gotta spray my ice…gonna hit the HIIGHWAY

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    Better off single

    He’s gonna get what he wants and pull the same s×it because that’s what guys do to vulnerable/gullible drama queens.

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    LaFrance Thibodeaux

    Anon,Don’t fall for the okey doke!!..

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