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    I been with my boyfriend for about a year. We both are in our 30s and know what we are looking for. He told me about 6 months into dating that I was the woman he wanted to marry. His whole family has told me this.
    Fast forward to just about a year of dating and he tells me the other night how he told some lady who pointed out what a change him since he met me and he told me how he told her hes going to marry me. I am starting to get frustrated because if he wants to marry and he knows I want to marry him what are we waiting for? It doesnt seems he plans on taking that step any time soon. As he told me once hes not in a rush but when it comes to wanting to marry someone you love why want to stall on that

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    Give him time. A year isn’t that long. Stop trying to rush him and have patience.
    Its always a good thing to take it more slow. Stop rushing

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    Talk with him…

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    What are your reasons for wanting it so bad after just a year?

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    I am 34 now, dating again after breaking up with someone who wsted my early thirties and still didn’t wanna marry and went for a job overseas. I urge you to give him an ultimatum and deadline.

    Once u r over 35 ,your chances as a woman decrease ,even more with every year you get older ,so dont’ waste your youth! plus pregnancy wise too.

    Dont wait too long be smart and know your worth

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    I am 33 lolo and I know exactly what you mean. I too wasted time with a man from age 28 to 31 and I never want to do that again. My reason for wanting to get married so bad as one person asked is simply bc I love him when at 33 I know what I want and have been looking for. So why drag it out

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    Only he can answer that question.

    One year isn’t a long time. Then again, my brother in law asked my sister to marry him after six months of dating 27 years ago, and they’re still going strong.

    When you know you’ve found the one, you just know it in your soul.

    Maybe ask him about it in a light hearted way, like “We both love each other like mad and want to be together forever. Let’s just do this already!” and smile and wait for his response.

    Could be he has some goals he want to reach (like financial, for example) that you aren’t aware of.

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    Do not rush this! A man will propose when he’s ready to do it. Don’t stick him in a pressure cooker, Christmas is almost here and who knows he could propose then?

    Is he working toward a career goal right now? Is he in a good financial position? Have you had to endure or overcome a struggle together yet?

    Just know pushing him will make him revert and backslide if he starts feeling pressured, his goals aren’t met, or he isn’t 100% sure yet. A year is still too soon IMO, that’s easy, its making sure you can get to year 5, 10, 15…is the true test of time. When you have a short-sighted vision that’s what you could end up with because you didn’t take the time to truly test how you both do when facing an adversity or hardship together. Have you face one together yet?

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