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    Last night, after about 45 minutes, my bf ejaculated 3 times in under a minute. We both dont know what that was. Hed pull out, finish, then would stay hard. this happened 3 times. No he wasnt taking anything. Is this normal? We cant seem to find information. Thank you!

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    “in under a minute” – it sounds like slightly spaced out spurts which is not uncommon. There is a whole lot of variety in how people orgasm, what sperm looks like, how much of it there is, etc. It’s less about what the general norm is and more about what his norm is. If this is a one-in-one-hundred kind of thing, I’d be curious too.

    What’s more important though, why are you both concerned? Was there any discomfort for him? Did he have any sensations that were out of the norm? If so, he should really speak to his doctor about that. In general, this is the kind of question he should ask his urologist just for peace of mind.

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    Not concerned more like he was saying I broke him and I’m the best he ever had and I’m just wondering if that’s true. Now everytime we have sex he tried to repeat it. Maybe I’m just not believing him? I’ve never seen 3 times but an ex of mine would go twice in a row every time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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