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    My world is upside down. BF of 3 years has been cheating & now he’s left me for her.

    Does anyone have any experience in this? Will he live happily ever after?

    Has anyone ever been the other woman and if so, what’s it like from your experience.

    I feel like just breathing is difficult.

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    if I man is leaving you for another woman, just let it be, don’t ever compete with her or be jealous.

    he doesn’t care and neither should you.

    will they live happily ever after, maybe, but this shouldn’t interest you anymore. You should be happy that a cheater like him left you. you know what she is getting a liar and a cheat…

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    I’m so sorry! How horrible! But I agree with Ewa. I know a lady who’d husband left her for another woman after 30 years!

    I’m sorry you’ve lost 3 years on him, but you still dodge a lifetime with a cheater in time. Take time to mourn, cry, eat, sleep, shop if that’s your thing! You will be fine xx

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    Hello Pips.

    I’m really sorry you have to go through this right now. Every breakup is difficult especially when you are (or feel like) the dumpee. I have been in your position two months ago. And I have been in the position of the other woman in the past, and even in the position of the cheater. That’s why I think that being in this story sucks for all parties.

    You know what it’s like to feel broken, humiliated because of your partner’s infidelity – and I know it too. This is one of the worst feelings one can experience. It’s not only the pain from the breakup, but the realisation that someone you’ve trusted and loved have betrayed you… There aren’t many other things in our lives that can make us feel as bad as this s**t.

    Being the one who is cheating is difficult and painful, too. The cheater almost every time feels confused and blames himself/herself. No matter what his reasons were, he will always be seen as the villain. But I know that the cheater more often than not is emotionally suffering. And in your case, he is also being the dumper, so it’s hard for him too. I assume your boyfriend didn’t mean to do you any harm and he is not an evil person. Many people would immediately say he is a terrible person because of what he did and so on… But I prefer to assume that he is not like that, because I believe that our actions do not necessarily define us in every situation. It’s just not so simple. It’s not black and white, emotions are irrational. So I think it’s been hard for him as well. I dont know why he did what he did, I am not saying you deserve this. All I’m saying is that what he did was wrong, but he suffered for sure.

    What it’s like to be the other woman? I have been the other woman and I eventually left, but in my case the other person was lying both to me and his girlfriend. I have never been with a man who is officially in a relationship with another woman just because I want them to separate. If you are asking yourself ‘Should I hate her?’ – well, it depends on what she knew about his relationship with you and if she had the intention to ruin it. I think that even the cheater is less guilty than the third person, if he/she knew about the relationship.

    It’s pointless to tell you to get over it. If you feel like talking, tell us more about what did he tell you, why did he do this, and how do you feel about it…

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    Devil’s Advocate

    This feels like such a fake post. Your boyfriend of 3 years is cheating on you and left you and you want to know what it’s like being the other woman? Don’t think so. You would be going through so many emotions right now but her perspective would be at the bottom of your list. What are you writing an article or something and want material?

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    Being the other woman you feel like a million bucks cause he is so dam hot for you.

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    If this is a real case scenario and you actually want to know being the other woman is either wonderful or extremely depressing, there’s not really an in between. The ‘other woman’ will eventually see that he either isn’t what he seemed or will get bored. Very rarely has the ‘other woman’ actually stayed in that relationship, let alone it even working out.

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    I personally don’t know what being ‘the other woman’ would feel like but I would suspect she is going to eventually be on the same end of the stick you are. Right now she got what she *think* she wanted but will soon realize she hitched her wagon to someone who is going to hookup with other women, and be in the same situation you are. If he can do it to you, he will eventually do it to her too. Most men are not monogamous. They will eventually cave when the opportunity arises where in most cases their partner is never aware of it until he trips up.

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