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    So ive been only seeing a guy a week
    We met through work ended up drunk and talking and then kissing
    He then asked me out and we went on a date and it was amazing
    Yesterday he was texting me telling me how he had an amazing time
    We text all day and then in the evening we were both out with friends. We were texting and he finishes his text with 1 kiss….i then accidently but 3 kisses on the end of my last text….he hasnt replied.
    Does this put guys off and make you seem too keen? Cause ive heard different amount of kisses can mean something? Do guys pay attention to this?

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    What’s gonna turn him off isn’t the amount off kisses on a text, it’s gonna be the amount of messages. Although I wouldn’t do that again. Might make you seem over invested too early on. Let the relationship flow and don’t over analyze every text or the fact that he hasn’t replied. When he does contact you again just don’t tell him you thought he hadn’t replied because of the kisses. It’s a non-issue.

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    How did you “accidentally” put THREE kisses? lol

    He may felt a little overwhelmed, but it is not a big deal, he’ll come around. Do not double text, wait for him to contact you and do not mention anything about kisses, no apologies or anything of this sort, as if nothing happened.

    He maybe trying to set a pace for texting or maybe trying to make you miss him. Guys do that a lot. I hear it all the time. Texting is a major tool for them to make women nervous and set the pace and tone they want.

    So don’t worry too much, just double check your message before you hit “send” next time.

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    I did it cause i was a bit drunk and texting a girl friend who i do reply to with 3 kisses and it was automatic
    And it wasnt til after i did it i was like “shit”
    And we havent text lots….i leave him to initiate the contact…and he has every time

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    just don’t message him again, it won’t be a problem. you normally send 3 kisses to your girlfriends, so why should it be any different with him? you’re treating him the same way you would treat any of your friends.

    it sounds like you\re getting way too hung up on him, though. I’d go out and start dating some other people. Get out there and meet new guys. Don’t get too hung up on one guy who has just sent you a few texts. You’ll end up driving yourself crazy and pushing him away.

    xoxo ;)

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    Yes men definitely notice the number of kisses in a text. But if he likes you, putting 100 wouldn’t put him off (well actually maybe it would!). Seriously don’t worry and definitely don’t bring it up.

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    Stop being insecure, it drives men away.

    I doubt an extra couple kisses in the text was enough to send him away and if so then that’s not someone you want to be involved with anyway.

    You need to be more confident. Insecurity is a huge turn off

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