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    To fantasize about girls who are not my girlfriend? I have been dating her for 5 years and love her and want to marry her, but sexually I constantly have fantasies about being with someone else. I have never told her about this obviously, but I wonder if this is normal? I have even had dreams about having sex with other girls. Should I feel guilty about this?

    I find her very attractive and we can have really great sex, but for some reason I feel like I’m not fully satisfied. I feel like part of the blame would be the fact that I have been watching porn since I was in middle school and she is way less comfortable with crazier / kinkier things

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    Most of the commenters on here are women so they cannot say if it’s normal for a man to have those thoughts but I do think excessive porn is problematic and a relationship ruiner. It’s not realistic and men start to think that is normal behavior in the bedroom.

    Do you want to marry a porn star or a normal woman? Real women don’t have sex like that.
    I imagine if she did have sex like a porn star you’d be turned off and think she’s slutty.

    Stop watching so much porn, it is not what real relationships look like. If you can’t stop then break up with her and sow your wild oats

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    Agree with Lala, Porn will ruin your relationship. It’s unrealistic and many men forget these women in porn are GETTING PAID to pretend kinky things are fun and feel good. You’re not paying your girlfriend so don’t expect her to have sex like a porn star.

    I suggest stop watching porn and masturbating and you will enjoy sex with your girlfriend much more. If you don’t leave things to the imagination or creative outlets and just watch two porn stars who are paid to do all the work for you, it’s not very sexy IMO.

    I can’t say how you feel is “normal” because I’m not a guy, but I can say if you keep watching porn you’ll have an unrealistic expectation of what sex should be like. Which is very sad. Sex should be exciting because of the connection you have with someone, not because you can mold them into a pretzel and do them as a pretzel.

    Also something I feel a lot of men don’t understand, if SHE likes what you do in the bedroom you will get it more. If she doesn’t seem interested in sex then you are not a GIVING sexual partner and need to work on it. The best sex partners are givers, just remember that. If you both give then you will have incredible sex, NOT porn star sex. Porn star sex is for shock value and they are getting paid, it’s all made up.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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