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    I’ve been dating this guy for a few months. With everything going on in the world, we mostly talk on the phone every night and have been on a few social distance dates and he brought me flowers every time. We get a long so well and mutually decided because of our past relationships we would take things slow. I do really like him and hope we can take it to the next level in the near future.

    So, he has owned his own tax advising business for the past 10 years. I recently filed my taxes (not with him) and I did not understand some stuff so I thought I would ask him about it. A few nights ago we were speaking and before we hung up, I was like “ oh hey since you are a tax advisor do you offer free advice I was hoping to get your advice about something really quick”

    So i inquired and he helped me out, and after we hung up, he texted me “any tax questions you ever have don’t be shy just ask me and I’ll be more then happy to help. And I hope you’ll consider me to file your taxes next year. Here’s my business card (sent me his digital business card) and also said to feel free to forward it to all of my family and friends.

    At your service,
    his name, phone, and business email”

    I responded, “ damn I get a signature too, you know how to sell yourself lol” and his response was “lol I have to take a business opportunity every time I see it.”

    That was four days ago and I haven’t heard from him since. I’m just so confused, Everything was fine and we would talk everyday from morning to night, would call every single morning, and text all day. i just asked one business question and now I was just a business opportunity? I’m so confused.

    I was hoping to get your perspective and advice if any. Thanks all

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    Translation: “If you want more professional advice, pay for it.” Most professionals don’t like to give advice for free. Next time, just ask your accountant.

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    Yeah, i think he just shot you down! Quite hilariously and rightfully so. Nothing more annoying than people asking someone to offer their professional services for free, especially in a new romantic relationship! Really bad call on your part.

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    It’s been a few months so I think it’s ok that you asked him for help. I think it was rude of him to do what he did.

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    It was literally only a yes or no question about claiming something It wasn’t like a huge tax thing. Do you guys think I can recover from this or let it go?

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    Liz Lemon

    I don’t think it was rude to ask one question. It’s not like you asked him to prepare your taxes for free. He made a point of texting you afterwards that he was happy to help and not to be shy about asking him any questions. He wouldn’t have said that if he was irritated at your request.

    I’m wondering if he sent the business card almost as a reflex, without thinking, and is now embarrassed that he treated you like a potential client rather than a potential girlfriend. Especially since you made a comment about him selling himself. So he might think you’re the one who’s annoyed. That’s my take, anyway.

    Have you reached out to him at all? If not, why not? Just call or text him to say hello, and act normal. Like I said, he might be worried about how you interpreted his gesture.

    If you have reached out, and he’s ignored you or blown you off, then that’s a totally different story. But I’m assuming neither one of you has attempted contact. So why don’t you just break the ice and do it? If you’ve been dating for several months there’s no reason not to.

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    I would not worry about it. If he doesn’t reach out, it just wasn’t meant yo be. It is unlikely you will not hear from him again though. Be patient.

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    I dont think the business card and his silence are necessarily related. Its the fact that he went from chatting all day to nothing that is the telling part. Looks like youre being ghosted or got placed lower on the priority list. So its not a matter of recovery but go do your own things and be wary if he shows up again. Not that he cant go off radar for a few days, its just that if a guy is serious he wont do that so easlily without notice

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