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    I was seeing this really amazing girl for a month. We were having such great times together and she so sweet and cared about me. I could she wanted a commitment but I just wasn’t ready to settle down and was just getting out of a serious relationship… I ended up telling her I had no feelings for her, I didn’t want to commit to her, and I didn’t see a future with her but I still wanted her in my life and for us to be friends. She told she doesn’t want to be friends and doesn’t want to talk or deal with me anymore and that I hurt her. I respected her wishes and left her and alone and she hasn’t tried contacting me since. Now I think about her all the time and I think I made a mistake how do I fix this?

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    You blew it dude. Lesson learned to not treat people like objects. The fact is, the only reason why you’re thinking about her is because she stood up for herself, rejected you, and realized she doesn’t need someone like you. If she would have complied to your friend request, you would still be treating her the same way.

    I would suggest not dating right now, to work on yourself and figure out what you want in life. It sounds like you’re confused.

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    Hysterical. You told her you didn’t want a relationship and are surprised she bailed? The IQ of people is at about the moron or dolt scale these days.

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    Were you guys seeing each other regularly?
    May be she misses you too did you try to reach out, why not meet her and find about it ?

    how many days it has ben since you told her about your no more feelings?

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    Hi Chuck

    You think about her? But you didn’t see a future with her right.
    Let it pass, even if she has supressed her feelings you will just her as you did in the past

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    But again your call if you want to fix this ….

    This happened to me a guy treated me like trash before he dumped me , and i was really nice in the beginning.

    atleast you admit that you miss her… surprised bcz you dumped her ..so what’s left to miss? sex?

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    Unless you’re going to offer her a real relationship, don’t bother. Anything less is playing games and being selfish.

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    You piece of sh*t !

    You don’t want her back…you want the attention back !

    she liked you, took care of you and You being an A*shole dumped her even hurting her…and wondering why she never contacted ? are you kidding me…@angela might be right…she might miss you too..but after seeing you as a d**chebag she decided to not have you carrying along…

    You found someone..you treat them as garbage, and then expect to be ready allover to be stabbed by you again …who do you think you are prince charming chuck??

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    Chuck call her. I’m been hanging with someone for a year that told me he didn’t want a relationship even told me has no feeling for anyone one. We’ve only kissed in our what ever its. And i haven’t seen him in a wail for sorta the same reason but i know deep down he ia a great guy if he called me amd told me he really missed me and wanted to try and figure out what we really had going on between us. I would not say no to him. As for all of you that are going to read this and think I’m stupid. The old saying is if you love someone set them free if they come back there yours.

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    Why would someone be so stupid to take back a person who says he has no feelings for her. She didn’t set him free. She had dignity and moved on.

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    Sometimes guys say stupid stuff some of us go by actions no not necessarily their words. In my my situation for instance. I could tell by the way he kissed me and held me he had feeling for me. I also found out from one of hia family members he had had a back brake up with someone he dated for years. Amd he was tellimg every one he didn’t care about anything or anyone. So I’d have to say case by situations. Even with chuck here I’m sure there is much more going on then we will know. And at tbis point what does he have to loose bwing rejected might be better then him never knowing.. just my opinion

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