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    My boyfriend broke up with me citing reasons of being out of love as he is not the guy that I want and he cannot make me happy. But I am not able to accept the breakup. He makes me happy just by being there. He doesn’t need to do anything. I don’t know why he feels he cannot make me happy. I tried a lot to convince him to get back. But he refused. We still talk because he doesn’t want to abandon me when I am so low and emotional. As I am unable to detach. This relationship was the most important thing to me. He has given me full permission to talk to him, meet him whenever I want. And he has also told me that I can go no contact or block him without any explanations, he will understand. He told me he is in mood to date anybody for a long time, so i needn’t be worried about that part.

    Now comes the crazy ex gf part. Just yesterday I saw my ex with a girl in a bar. I went up to him and gave him a really s*xy hug and kiss right in front of that girl. He didn’t say anything bad, just smiled. Then I faked that I just noticed the girl. And he introduced me to her, she was a friend from work.

    I feel so embarrassed. I thought he was on a date and I was jealous. What am I doing. I still feel I am in the relationship. I want to have him back. I don’t want to move on. :-(

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    Hard to say but men rarely leave to be on their own, don’t want to add to your misery but… maybe in fact that girl from work is who he left you for.
    Anyway you need to realize your worth , he doesn’t want you and why would you want someone who doesn’t want you ? why lowering yourself just to fill that gap ? would you not prefer to be with someone who actually loves you and want to be with you instead of chasing someone who doesn’t?
    I know it is hard but you need to let him go, he can’t even have a chance to miss you because you are still in touch with me and turn up in places where he is.
    Have some self respect and accept the breakup so you don’t have regrets in the future that you acted like a crazy person.

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    He introduced me to her as his gf. And she didn’t feel bad or anything. But yeah you never know.

    You are right. :( I want someone who doesn’t wanna leave…..but he has this hold over my heart….I have to work on it…. :(

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    No contact for 30 days so you reset…

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