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    so during this pandemic education is not the usual,in my country we are devided to two groupes randomly, in my school they changed the student’s order due to the first exams classement so i am with the good ones and its was for me a new classroom and new classmates, to sum up there was a boy , at first its was all normal and then we started talking a little because i am a quiet person , so he became friend with my friend but he treat me differetenly , he flirt with me and pay attention to what i say but at the same time he act cold like he laugh with that friend and treat her like a bro but that make me jealous i remember he was the one who asked for my instagram to send him a lesson he didnt have and by the time i talked with him often, so recently i asked him directly on instagram if he hate me or something [i know this is wrong ] so i’ve kept asking him and his answers was all negative and i proposed to him to be my bestfriend but he left it unread and i’ve started to think that i should let go of him and i made a deal with a friend from the other groupe to swip with me and know i am waiting to sit for the exams next week so after i’ll swip with her , lets focus on the guy , after what happened i tried to ignore him and i did but the day after i was forced to talk to him and he didn’t seem upset or anything even thought i blocked him , he kept flirting with me and i am thinking to ask him directy why he is behaving like that

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