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    I have dating this guy for over 1 and 6 months.
    It was serious.
    I loved him(still do) he said he does too.

    Last week we ended up having massive argument which led to us breaking up.

    It was ugly argument, I said a lot of mean things to things to him, I did intent to hurt him, he did try not hurt me but asked me not call him names because he doesn’t want to lose respect for me because he can easily call me names too.

    In end I said it was “his lost”
    Then he said “what was so great about it” and that really hurt me.
    Although he went back on it I still feel just so hurt about it
    How can he be with me this long and say he loves me of he thinks I am rubbish.
    I’m more upset he said that than the actual break up I feel.

    We have not spoken since yesterday morning.
    I still want to ask him more about our relationship and how he truly felt about it.

    I never had these kind of argument before and I never been said that to before. I think I more hurt because i didn’t really want a break up and him saying really close any chance of us getting back together.

    How would guys take it if a guys said that to and would you get back with him.

    I do know if I ask him back he will come back as he didn’t want to break up.

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    I meant how would *you guys take it if a guys you being with this long said that to you.

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    What was the fight about & Why did you intentionally try & hurt him?!

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    So you said a lot of nasty stuff to him, called him names, and saying it was his loss. Which is a pretty arrogant statement. All he did was reply: what was so great about it and thats the part you focus on? How about focus on the nasty stuff you said to him? Why did you even had to say all the mean things?
    I wouldnt want you back honestly. You want to argue and when someone points out thats not attractive to be with, you start all over being hurt and angry. If you Have a disagreement there are fair ways to fight about it

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    The argument was about my guy friend , a guy friend I’ve known since 2004.

    My friend helped me few things around the house.
    And I didn’t tell him about until he notice.

    My guy friend is really good with DIY where he is not and he thinks no guy does anything for free.

    So basically he accused me of cheating. And I said if that’s the case then what’s the point of being with me.
    And He accused me of running away because I have someone else waiting for me.
    And I said if he was completely there for me then I wouldn’t have relied on my friend and it basically escalated from there.
    It was petty jealousy that got hand out of hand.

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    Why would you even want to be with someone who doesn’t trust you? or who you can’t be completely honest with?

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    You two are better off apart!

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    Our relationship was good most part, we did have arguments before but nothing hurtful was ever said.

    Normally we have disagreements about few things but it get sorted within a week or less.

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    I do think he trust me but insecure that he is not good with DIY and honestly that’s the reason why I didn’t tell him because I didn’t want to hurt him but he asked who fixed the wardrobe, I didn’t lie to him and I told him, so he started saying, “so you allowed a guy in your room” and you that really pissed me off.

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    Better off single

    You spit hateful or ugly sh×t at someone and expect roses and sweet nothings from him afterward?

    You get what you give. You did ask for it so why are you playing the victim?

    I think he is probably more upset you didn’t ask him to help you and bruised his ego.

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    It’s sad because just those stupid words now blocked any chance we might had

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    you guys just behaved like some ninos in love. if up to now, you guys don’t know how to sort out issues of insecurity, jealousy and ego, and also know how to trust and talk to each other, then am sorry you need some time off. being apart from each other is good for guys, for the sake of your own happiness.

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    Plenty of fish

    It only blocked your chances because he’s not a forgiving individual. His ego is more important.

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