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    Hi everyone, any idea how to tell the difference between a guy that is super into you and excited and one that isn’t a good guy?

    My new boyfriend is very attentive and follows through but he said he loved me after a few weeks. He talks about the future etc. He said that if we were to move in together he would be happy to get a prenup as we both own property. But him saying a few times he has no idea what I’m worth etc kind of makes me feel a bit odd. It’s like he is sussing out my net worth ?

    Also today he said he wasn’t sure if I had Aspergers or if I was effected by being around someone like that. We have o lu been seeing one another for 6 weeks. I have wondered this about myself at times but imma bit thrown as to why he would just say this to me.

    I can’t work out if this guy is just a normal guy that’s really into me and I’m struggling letting someone close or he is intense and inappropriate?

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    This guy seems a little too much too soon…
    You’ve known each other for 6 weeks & he’s taking pre-nup?!

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    I think talking pre-nups in this stage is nuts. Maybe he is trying to see if youre wealthy but could also be he is a future faker who will poof enough soon.
    When you are wondering if you have asperger, then you must think you have issues with understanding people, emotions and taking things very literally. If i knew someone for 6 i dont think i would ask so directly but i i dont think its meant mean.

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    I’d lean towards intense and inappropriate. If you want to know for sure, give it time.

    I would advise caution though

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    Aspergers? He sounds like a malipuator, like he’s trying to get you to believe youre the problem mentally when it’s just a women’s instincts. Bc saying he loves you so fast, a pre nip talks, like why is he moving so fast when he only known you less than two months. He can tell that you’re reluctant so instead of giving time and showing you he’s genuine, he’s gonna call out medical conditions. I bet he doesn’t even own property. Girl, you never know a man til at least 6 months but I feel like a year. Be careful and listen to your instincts.

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    he might have ADHD, I once met a guy who after 2 months told me I would be a really good mother and that he really wants to have kids with me lol even though he barely knew me
    be careful

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    I have often wondered if I was on the spectrum, females with ASD are very different to males with it. I thought my daughter might have it and she was tested so I do know quite a bit about it. It was about of the blue though and I told him that only someone with ASD would say that to someone else. He knows quite a bit about it too.

    I guess we are at a time in our lives if we are not going to work we would move on quickly and this is where it’s coming from. I don’t want to mix finances with anyone again so the conversation did come up.

    The other thing is I have always attracted intense people to me. I have had issues with friends most of my life trying to get closer to me than I’m comfortable with. I think things got more intense with people after I became an artist full time. I don’t know why but people get all funny about knowing an artist. I like to do my own thing and I do really feel the need to try and fit in. I guess people can be drawn to that.

    This man is a bit full-on with liking me but I’m slowing things down and he is responsive to that.

    @EWA ADHD is a different way of the brain processing things, it’s not really a watch out this guy is nuts kind of thing I would think.

    @sissy he does own property I checked that out. Everything he has told me I have found to be true so far.

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