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    Hi all,

    We used to meet once a week which was normally weekend but recently we meet each other once in every two weeks, most of the times were he asking to me .I didn’t ask the reason as i tried to be understandable and don’t want to show needy . As he still texts and calls me to check on me during the week. Shall I speak to him about that and how can I get him to see me more often?

    Thank you

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    What is he doing when he is not with you on the weekend?

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    I don’t know the details but when I asked how was he day he was mostly staying at home with his family.

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    How long have you been together? How far do you live from each other? What was happening pre-Covid? Are you exclusive?

    But, it does not sound good. Men do what they want and you are not being cool by having no needs, you are being a doormat.

    Men who want to be good boyfriends act and talk like it. Is he?

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    Thank you very much for all your response.

    We have been together for 5 months, we are living apart from each other for 40 mins drive in one way. We saw each other quite often in pre-Covid but because we were dating and men usually acted more enthusiastic at the beginning. He does act and talk like a good boyfriend and is also consistent apart from meeting part. I think i will be speaking to him in a sensible way to express my needs, if he loves me, he will choose to meet my needs.

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    Wow! I can’t even imagine calling a guy “boyfriend” with that kind of behavior. It’s only been 5 months-has he always been like this? This guy is acting like a buddy that you hear from every other week. I hope your talk with him goes well. Guys do what they want and if they are into a person, they show it by actions and words. What the hell does he do when he’s not with you? You have every right to ask that as well.

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    I wouldn’t say he is your boyfriend, sounds more like something casual to me.

    He has inconsistent behavior and some secrecy going on.

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    Thanks again all.

    Spoke to him tonight on the phone about this In a peaceful way. It seems he wanted to avoid speaking this issue as he said he is going for a run before I ended the conversation. From the conversation He also does not seem to make an effort to make more time with me. I think he is not suitable for me although I still want to be with him.

    Side information , I did read a lot of stuff on new mode some books recommended by new mode , I am not needy and aggressive girl and everytime I appreciate and support my boyfriend the good work he has done and achieved . I think I tried my best but looks like this relationship still doesn’t work.

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    Sorry Maggie. I think he used the COVID to avoid moving this forward but didn’t mind chatting with you on occasion. Trust me, a man who truly loves his woman will move mountains to be with her. Never stick around with a man who isn’t stuck on you :o)

    As a side note: Even if you aren’t any of those things sometimes a guy just can’t love you in the way HE (key words) needs to fall in love with a woman in order to progress things. I am super confident, independent, and easy breezy (no drama) with men but not every single man is going to fall in love with me just because I’m that way. The men who have fallen in love with me do so for their own reasons that aren’t always tangible (looks, voice, etc.) but *intangible* that one can’t really see but they feel it when in their presence, and it excites them in a way other women cannot. I call it the “IT Factor” where if you have “IT” there will be no wondering how a man feels about you because he’ll keep wanting to see you, and tell you :o)

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    Thank You Lane and all the other’s reply

    Very supportive messages although they also make me feel sad knowing my boyfriend does not really love me.

    I am going to give myself some space to let my emotions go and settle and after that I will tell him the fact that this relationship does not work and embrace a new relationship.

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    Good girl! Let this one go.

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