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    Sam S


    What do you guys recommend is the best way to deal with a recent heartbreak? I’m probably struggling at the moment because it’s recent and fresh.

    One thing I should mention is that we do work in a shared building and often see each other at lunch in the cafeteria. Although I am feeling a lot of pain, I don’t want to stop going to the Cafe just purely not to see her.

    Hopefully this pain gets better over time.


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    Better off single

    You deal with it. Nothing you can do. Sit through the pain. Let it go.


    be like the last guy I had an almost relationship with… Be a selfish obsessive psychotic a××hole. stalk her. watch everything she does and make her life hell. stop her from moving on like a psycho because seeing her happy or in a relationship that’s not with you is not fair and will just make you angry. She has to pay for the rejection you feel and hold her mind captive like a prisoner.

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    I’m really sorry Sam.

    It might be good to go elsewhere for lunch temporarily until the pain starts to subside. Which it will with time. Doing that doesn’t make you weak. It will give you some breathing room. And don’t deny the pain. Some things in life really hurt. The way through it is to sit in it and let it run its course.

    Also, you’ve now learned that dating people in the workplace isn’t a good idea.

    Hang in there.

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    Moving on is much easier with no contact. I would go elsewhere for lunch…go out with friends for lunch. Realize that a lot of relationships do not work out and harden the shell a little for the future. Take your time before you dive in. You are unique and rare…you will meet a woman with great qualities that match you better…know that.

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    On the whole, contact will be little. We do have mutual friends in the same building etc so unrealistic to think we won’t see each other or even talk to each other at times. Things were not left negatively or on a sour note, just hasn’t worked out this time and I’m feeling the pain from it

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    I’m very sorry to hear that it didn’t work out. It seems like you’re doing all the right things and letting the pain pass through. Time heals all wounds and time will reveal your incompatibility and you will probably laugh in the future at wanting to be with that person.

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    There was a man who could not get past heartbreak. His therapist asked him for homework to map out all the bus routes in his city. He did this and confessed that he felt better. It broke the chain of thought and emotion. What I suggest is to take on a new hobby, a vacation, just something different you have not done before that requires planning and concentration. If you move your mind your heart will slowly follow.

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