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    He’s not over his ex after 5 years with me how do I let go of a man I love with all my heart but he loves someone else with all of his. I even dated him first but he still don’t see me like he see her she’s popular more attractive has the thick body he likes & I just stayed because I thought one day he would love me he still looks up her criminal records he even showed his sister her pictures she slipped & told me when she was saying he loved me he doesn’t love her then why do he still think about her it’s so embarrassing she even makes jokes on her social media how she can have her ex anytime he’s not over her I’m so heartbroken so jealous now I’m even obsessed with her I just want to know why god chose me I never was pretty never was popular never was loved I just want to feel better I have a business & it’s suffering it’s been like this 6 years I’ve known him for 10 he still isn’t over his ex I can tell but idk how to leave

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    He has left me for her before & left me broken it’s like she can go off have as many guys as she like get their names tattooed all over her body & he still would rather choose her than me when I always loved him he always abandoned me when she comes back to him & I can’t take this no more I just picture them living a happy life & me dying alone I have no one no friends I don’t go out I just sit her & obsess about him & his ex for years now I’m not this girl it wasn’t to let this go but it’s like the devil got a hold on me cause he’s the nicest guy I ever had he checks up on me buys me food gifts he gave me the key to his apartment he got a tattoo of my name but I still don’t feel like I’m in his heart & it’s killing my soul

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    His mom & sister says he loves me he talks to them about me allot his sister told me he showed her pictures of his ex & was explaining this is why we were having problems in our relationship it’s so heartbreaking he can’t let it go then tell me to let it go but he still keeps up with her I’m just trying to heal my heart I cry all day everyday I’m unmotivated my business is suffering so I guess I’m really depressed I just know talking to strangers use to help me growing up so I thought I should try because I’ve been down for so long he took my best years my best self that fun girl that couldn’t stop smiling I never got my smile back I never got my personality back I don’t look the same feel the same his ex calls me ugly says I look old I didn’t do anything to either of them he used me!!!

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    He still wants to talk to me be in contact with me like how can u be so heartless u know I wanted marriage I wanted kids I would’ve never left u for someone who made more than u or because u couldn’t pay my rent I never saw u as a dollar sign I loved u I didn’t do anything wrong for u to want to hurt me maybe I was to nice maybe I was desperate maybe I had low self esteem but u treated me like no other man ever did I’m sorry I couldn’t make u forget her sorry I wasn’t pretty enough sorry I wasn’t her I’ll never be & I know you’ll never be happy with me I loved u since I was 19 I’m 30 now you all I know but I want to grow so I need to let go u don’t love me u never did so I hope she makes u happy It hurts to know u want to give her the life I always dreamed of with u I’m broken I’m depressed it’s been years but I’m ready to let go

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    What do you expect we can do for you? You have been accepting breadcrumbs for a decade for ‘love’ up to the point where you are neglecting yourself, your happiness and your way out, namely your business. While walking away is just about the simplest thing to do. You chose you. You pick up your stuff and you start over. Done. Thats all it is. But it requires strenth, selflove, knowing you will be fine. We cant give that to you. All i can do is say: smarten up. You have one life, you already waisted a decade of it, so sure any new approach will be better here. Find some good counselling in why you let yourself be a doormat and Meanwhile start to focus on you. You can do it, and only you can do it.

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    i agree with Newbie. smarten up. smell the coffee and get going. cut off from him and his family. restart your life. take care of urslf and take pride in your appearance. block them all and start life anew. all the best

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    I have been through a similar thing, very just recently. I woke up one day and looked at him, he looked so ugly to me. The way he had treat me over the past few years (leaving me numerous times for her/ deleting text and calls and acting weird when he’s working away). I find ally realised that he is an ugly person inside and that was enough for me. When he decided to leave the last time he was shocked that I offered to pack his stuff while he was working. I didn’t cry, I didn’t beg. I can see the silver lining. Of course you’re going to be upset but self happiness is better than trying to make a scum bag happy. I hope you find peace

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