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    Met a guy, first guy in ages that’s ticked a few boxes.. I’m attracted to him and we get on well. Thing is he only wants to be friends with benefits and doesn’t want a relationship. I’ve told him I want more and so it’s best to call it quits but that I think he’s lovely and I like him. He ignored my last message saying this which has made me feel abit down when I know I should feel empowered.

    My question is, did I do the right thing or should I have given it more time?

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    You did the right thing. When a guy says he doesn’t want a relationship, believe him. Let him go and focus on finding someone who would show interest in you as more than just a FWB.

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    If he comes back gd, if he doesn’t, count yrself lucky, cut Yr losses short, save yourself from a potential heartbreak

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    Yes you did the right thing. Giving it more time wasn’t necessary. He said what he wanted, you said what you wanted, they didn’t match up so you ended it cordially.

    (You’re kinda my hero right now!)

    His lack of response shows a mean side. All men know silence hurts a woman. His is intentional. Not a good guy.

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    Believe him…

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    You did the right thing . I’ve done that before and will definitely do the same thing anytime a guy says that . Once the guy came back two months later and wanted to be super serious with me – was all in . By then I didn’t care anyways but I did date him for awhile .

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