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    I’ve been seeing this guy for a bit over a month and we’ve usually seen once a week. He asks me out usually and I’ve asked him few times as well. When we text, he normally asks how is going and if I’m free for example Friday and suggest meeting. Then either I say I’m free then or I suggest another time and we talk a bit about general stuff. Then most of the time I don’t hear a lot from him during the week and on the day the date is we text a bit about when and where we are going to meet. If I send him a text, he responds pretty quickly and he has told me that he doesn’t text a lot. When we meet face to face, we have good connection and he has opened up about a lot of things to me and talks about things we could do together in future. I also feel that it’s really easy to be with him. Last time I saw him was yesterday and we had good time but we didn’t set up next date though we talked about what we could do together. I’d like to talk a bit more between the dates than we do now. Tips on what to do in this situation? How should I say to him that it would be nice if we talked a bit more between the dates?

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    Hi-sounds fine to me-I would leave things alone and give them time to develop more at a natural/his pace. It has only been a short time that you have known him and he seems to ask you out/see you regularily. Don’t push.

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    It is either low interest, or just his personality….Hard to tell for sure…

    that is what I am struggling with now, so I really don’t have any good advice for you….

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    It’s too soon to judge on his texting habits… But if later on the relationship he keeps this rythm I would bring it as a subject of conversation in a funny way.

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    Thanks for the great advice. I won’t say anything about it at least for now. I’m just used to guys texting me a lot when we are dating but everyone is different of course.

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    Maybe just your communication styles are not compatible. If he is asking you out, his interest if still high IMO

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    haha, i have the exact same problem with a girl i’ve been on a few dates with, although more so and we tend to text even less. So i cant really help but i can empathise

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    Thought you were married Tom.

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    This is a different Tom. From Australia or New Zealand.

    New tom – Can you put a number against your name or something to make it less confusing please? :)

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    Amanda Rocks

    Guys can be poor texters and nice bfs or great texters and crap boyfriends. You have to look at the bigger picture. Texting isnt everyones thing and woman I think put more importance on it than men. I always prefer a phonecall everytime. If a guy is consistent with plans, dates, meeting up thats more important than a text x

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    Del piero

    Thats because hes focused on living his purpose, phones are for setting dates not chit chat, true sign of an alpha.
    Once you set the date there is no reason to talk, i set dates and leave it, if she complains and cancels the date then you have to think how someone like that would behave in a relationship.
    I would still respond of she reaches out.
    As others have said, focus on his actions not txt msgs, if definate dates are set i can tell you he has very high intetest.

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    VERY poor advice from a sad Love Doc student…

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    This happened to me as well with my most recent relationship and have to say, it was weird and hard to get used to at first because all other guys I’ve dated have kept a connection through text, flirted a bit, shared some of their day-to-day. The big difference between this guy and all the others, was the whole adage, “Actions speak louder than words.” The second we were together, it was incredible, deep conversations, really enjoying each other, and not once did he look at his phone (other than to look something up we were talking about).

    So see it as a different style of communication if the time you do spend together is quality time.

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    Hello.. So, have you please an answer ? I am in the same case as you. I date a guy since 2 months. We text twice per week just to say have a good day and things like I miss you. He told me too in the begging he doesn’t text a lot but he is Usually online on Whtassap but never textes me. He is so lovely and perfect when we are together.

    Please any advice, I feel so bad about it and I don’t know if talks to other persons or if it’s just he is nature but why then he would be online on whatssap and speaks to other persons ?

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    I dated a guy before like this. Dates were great but hardly any communication in between. If a man is thinking about you, he will contact you. A month is a long time not to speak often. A guy should be increasing his communication week by week if he’s into you. It seems like it’s not going anywhere. I would talk to him about the lack of communication and where he’s sees this going.

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    ANM Staff

    Hi Narim – Your question shows up as a reply to Umbrella’s post, which is a few years old! You’re certainly welcome to post here, but you may get more answers from our community if you ask your question in a new topic. You can do that here on this page. Best wishes!

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    It sounds like he isn’t big on texting, I’d be honest and communicate. I had this happen a long time ago, I simply brought it up in conversation and he said wasn’t a texter at all. He did try text a bit more after I mentioned it.
    Communication is key :)

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