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    He asked for space but in my frantic nature I ended up texting him even more than usual to try and figure out his reasoning. Do you think it’s too late to salvage this? We haven’t really been dating that long but I’ve never been asked for space before and it’s tearing me apart. What should I do?

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    Respect him and give him the space he asked for.

    By not giving him space you showed him you don’t respect him. Men want respect more than love. Don’t know if it is too late, but if you are newly dating, he already asked for space and you didn’t care (respect) him enough to give him that, I am going to say probably not.

    What you should do is get busy with your own life. Find ways to fulfill yourself. Allowing a man to be your primary source of fulfillment will lead to insecurity and disappointment every time.

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    You really didn’t provide enough details for anyone to make an assessment.

    How long have you been dating?
    Are you two exlusive?
    Have you already had sex with him, and if so how soon after starting to date?
    What reason(s) did he give for wanting space?
    What are your ages?

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    To me, asking for space is simple. He’s not crazy over you, he wants out, he’s trying to escape.

    You want to discuss it. If he cared enough to discuss, he wouldn’t want space. Your pestering him is a killer.

    If you really want this man, you need to play it smart and back off. It’s pretty insulting, though, you really should get it through your head that he’s wants out.

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    I know the damage has already been done. Should I apologize or just cut off contact?
    We’ve been dating a couple months, exclusively. And we’re both 27 years old, for background.

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    I grow oh so weary at all the mealy-mouthed men today. Men could cut their relationship woes by about 80% if they would just learn to stop pussing-footing around women. Instead of asking for a break or space just come right out and say:’ I am not interested in pursuing any sort of relationship with you’. That statement is a little blunt but at least his position has been made clear.

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    Just stop! The more you text the worse this gets. No, do not apologize. Thatis just a continuation of bothering him when he said to leave him alone. Damage is done. See what happens. Why did he ask you for space. What happened before he said he needed you to back off?

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    He just said he had alot of personal stuff going on and wanted some time to focus on that, and he couldn’t give me what I deserved out of a relationship. I feel terrible for continuing to talk to him after the fact, but I can’t really fix that part.

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    He is giving you a line Chloe. He wants to keep you around on his terms in case the women he is really interested in turn him down. If you go along with this you are telling him that you are fine with being his third-choice.

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    Ok… well that’s man code for him saying he doesn’t want a relationship with you. He is pulling away and also telling you he isn’t your man. This is a good time to cut ties and move on.

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    I do believe this is the most intelligent post Stephen has ever made!!

    If a guy asks for space after only a couple months dating he’s done. No you can’t fix it by sending another text apologizing! Give him all the space in the world.

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    I hear what you’re saying, I’ll try and cut my losses then. I feel like I’ll keep hoping he’ll come back around for a while though, maybe that’s normal.

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    That’s what he wants in case he reconsiders.

    Stephen speaks truth. I wish men were just more direct. It’s annoying when they can’t just be straight.

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    A guy who is interested after a couple of months of dating and has a lot of stuff show up at work, in his life etc, will say, I’m going to have limited time over X period and will not be able to see you much or at all but I”ll be in touch periodically and when I’m done, I’ll have plenty of time for you. And then keeps in touch as he said and then makes up his absence when he comes back by a really nice dinner, small gift, flowers, spending extra time with you etc.

    The guy who is not interested will just not have the time and can’t give you what you want/deserve. And that is his polite way of breaking up.

    See the diff?

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    I’ll keep it moving. At least he was polite about it? lol Wish he could’ve just said that instead of leaving me in a weird “he’s just not that into you, or is he” limbo

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    Chloe, he hasn’t given you a mixed message. Note how many people have weighed in to tell you what he said really means. “I can’t give you what you want” is pretty direct and clear when you understand how men communicate. No offense but if he had been more blunt like “I don’t want to be with you anymore” then that would have hurt your feelings and you’d be here posting he’s rude and cruel and all upset about that. There is just no easy way to end a relationship.

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    Sigh this is another Stephen fake post. So you are calling yourself chloe now Stephan?

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    Nah, it’s actually me, I’m just new to this/ super dense

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    Your ‘Frantic Nature” is code for needy?

    Let him be & work on your stuff…

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    Chloe, there is not much you CAN do. He asked for space, it means “leave me alone please”. if you do anything, it will be violating his request.

    If this is a new thing then move on, do not wait for him. He is not that into you, otherwise he would not have asked for space. You’re wasting his time.

    Find another guy but try to tame your “frantic nature” as this would work against you with men.

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    Don’t do anything. The best thing to do is lay low. If you keep reaching out to him trying to “fix” it you’ll just irritate him even more.

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    Update: I gave him space for a week and today he says that he’s trying to keep his emotional health in check. and being considerate to me he says that he’s not interesting in pursuing a new relationship with anyone right now. He says that I didn’t do anything wrong it’s just bad timing since he’s recently coming out of a long term relationship. So I guess that ship has sailed. Do you think people like that come back when they’re “ready” or no?

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    chloe– it does happen on rare occasion but is definitely the exception rather than the rule. You would be much better off putting your energy into yourself and moving on than worrying if he might come back. There is absolutely NO way to know, and it doesn’t happen very often, so it wouldn’t be very kind to yourself to hold out hope for that IMHO.

    If he should happen to come back, and you happen to still be single, then you can address that at that time.

    But I think the odds are this is an excuse. I met my BF very much on the “rebound” and knew I probably wasn’t ready for a relationship but liked him so much I couldn’t give up the opportunity. Rebounds aren’t great, but in fact, if you meet someone you are head over heels most wouldn’t walk away from that.

    I suspect he likes you, but something is not quite there for him and he doesn’t seen himself falling in love with you and therefore doesn’t want to hurt you.

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    Well at least he was honest with you.

    I think during that space he weighed the pros and cons and decided to end things.

    Don’t wait around, there is someone who is ready. He’s not the one.

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    He was out of a long term relationship? This piece of info was missing.

    One of the common sermons here on this forum is: stay away from men who are recently out of a long-term relationship REGARDLESS of what they say, and of course they’d say they are ready to date.

    He waited to make sure that this is how he feels, and then he decisively ended it. Be thankful that it was only 2 months in, learn your lessons, cut your losses. You let yourself into a predictable trouble, I am sorry to say this. Be careful and more smart next time. And be smart this time. Instead of clinging to a false hope, out of wounded ego, shake it off and move on. He is not the best guy out there, there are other men, and lots of them!

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