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    Why does a guy ask for my name, but then wants to know my last name? Don’t think he needed to know that directly just now the first time I texted…. Any ideas? Is he interested?

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    My rules

    Give out your phone number: First date or if you meet randomly in person and are interested, that day. If you meet someone online, don’t give out any personal information until you meet them in person. Stick to texting on dating apps until then.

    Last name: Second date. It’s too risky to do it before then. I like to know the guy i’m dating last name so it’s only fair to give him mine.

    Third date: Social media accounts.

    Know where you live: If they make it to a fourth date, I let them pick me up, but I don’t let them in until i’m ready to be intimate. I repeat, DO NOT LET A GUY INTO YOUR HOME until you are ready to have sex with him. BIG MISTAKE inviting him over for “dinner” before you are ready to be intimate.

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    I will also add, once you give someone your last name, they can start googling you and doing a background check (some people have cop friends who can get easy access to this information). So don’t give a guy your last name until you are ready for him to do some digging on you.

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    He’s trying to find you on social medias and stalk you a little to know you better. He probably didn’t find you just using your first name, so he has no other choices than ask you for your last name.

    Actually, I always try my best to find guys that I meet online on social medias and google them to check if they’re real, if they look creepy or worse, if they have some kind of criminal cases going on before I go on a date with them.

    Don’t give your full name if you’re not comfortable

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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