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    Ruby Pearl

    Hey guys, I called off a FWB (which I wanted a relationship from) after 1.5 yr last year. He never saw anything with me whereas I loved him. Recently I got msgs from him. He started off by saying I just wanted to check in. it went on to him asking if I was seeing anyone. I told him I am not but he is. He went further to tell me that she isn’t as intense with him as I was and he thinks of me when he’s inside her. I did cry but dont want him back. It feels like I am talking to someone who is completely emotionless. What do you makes of this? Ta

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    He is just thinking of the sex I’m afraid. He doesn’t want anything more . I’d block this person and move on .

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    He is not back. He checked in to say Hi and tell you he doesnt miss your drama (being intense) but does miss the sex. What do i think of it. I think he is an A plus as/shole to let you know this because:
    – its degrading to you
    – its degrading to the gf
    – he must have known you had feelings for him so to check in with this is beyond respectless for you

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    Liz Lemon

    I agree with Newbie 100%. What a pig this guy is. He’s disrespecting his girlfriend and disrespecting you. He never wanted a relationship with you, but he knows you had feelings for him. He is now rubbing it in your face that he’s with someone else, but misses the sex he had with you. So it’s just about sex for him, not about your feelings. You shouldn’t cry, you should feel offended and block the dude.

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    T from NY

    That’s awful. And I agree he has no respect for your feelings telling you such things. As for your part – please know men like this can be a drug. A true addiction that is poison for you.

    I never block a man’s number because I think it’s good to see how often someone is contacting you – if their behavior ever becomes threatening or etc. But if you have no will power right now – do what you have to do. FWB only works if you can detach. It’s very very difficult. Spending that much time loving a man who has no intention of making you his girlfriend blocked men who could have had a genuine intention toward you. Take time to grieve and heal. Learn from this. Go forth and treat yourself better.

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    He is not a man, he is a turd!

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    Ruby Pearl

    I had asked him earlier this year when he “checked in” to lose my number. Clearly didnt respect that. He gave me details on how she just doesnt turn him on like I did. I was just very confused…and baffled at the situation

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    Block him. This man has severe boundary issues.

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    I take from his he really likes the other girl but the sex isn’t exactly what he wants. So he calling to see if FWB can be a side chick. That way he can have the best of both worlds. If you tell me you live in London I swear I know who this is. What’s the chance this happens in the same week to someone else?

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    Ruby Pearl

    I did block his number a while back but I couldn’t keep up with it. It was better to not block and just not contact. He did msg again to tell me he was about to have sex and I told him to piss off…then he sent me a video of him doing it with her. I had to block him. I was fine being sad and hurt…not I just feel filthy and disgusting.

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    Be glad you are not with this man. He hates women and is not a good person. Gross.

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    OMG- Did she know she was being filmed & shared?!

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    What the actual fu*k!!???

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    Ruby Pearl

    apprently she knows and is okay with it as long as her face isnt in it. it feels bizzare and I cant fathom if its normal behaviour…like what was even the point? why bother even getting in touch

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    Ruby, why are we still talking about this and if she knows or doesn’t? Do you like the drama of this because you are still talking about it.

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