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    I have a problem that is constantly hurting my self steem. I am an interesting man, I’m in medical school, I have culture, etc. I don’t have any problems regarding talking to woman (real life or on social media). However, online, when I start talking to those REALLY attractive girls, like 10/10, they just ghost me out of nowhere later on. And I don’t understand, because I have culture, I know how to talk about all sorts of things, I have no communication problems. When they ghost me I don’t go after them, obviously, I don’t act needy, I don’t even ask “what happened”? I just let it go. And some of them even interact with me later on, like liking some of my Facebook posts and whatever. So when this happens I feel like I am trash, you know? I feel like they ghost me because they think I am too eccentric or weird or sociopath or whatever. But it’s not the case, because I can talk for hours/days with other girls without any problem whatsoever. It’s the second time this happens and it was with the 2 most beautiful girls I have ever met. Do you think that because they are too pretty I stop being myself around them and then they are turned off by that? Or do you think I become intimidated and start talking about something too early or talking about something I should not, or being invasive without knowing? I don’t think that’s the case, but once again, I could be blind about the situation. Could you give your opinion? I would be very thankful, because this has been really hurting me.

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    The fact that you even mention that they think you are a psycho is alarming. Why did you even mention that?

    How do women have your Facebook if you have not met? Do you ask them out within 3-5 emails. Do you reference their profiles at all other than ‘you sure are pretty’

    And the fact that you value looks above other things (not saying date ugly girls), means you could be shallow and immature. Just reading your post was kind of creepy. You should know that looks are not everything.

    Lastly, online dating means a lot of people ghost. Best not to get too emotional about people who don’t matter and you know nothing about.

    I would want to know more about your interaction… how are you approaching them? What are you saying.

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    10/10 girls including looks? Are you 10/10 good looking as well?
    if not then why you even asking this question? Girls who take care of themselves want 10/10 man.

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    It’s nothing personal, those women are probably talking to more than one man and he asked them to be exclusive before you did. Happens all the time in online dating.

    True ghosting means you’re in a relationship and have been intimate and there is an expectation of contact. You weren’t ghosted, you were just talking to people online and they closed the deal with someone else. You’re making too much out of it. The danger in that is exactly what is happening-you’re taking it personally and now you’re letting it affect your self esteem.

    Then you go on an advice forum and the people giving “advice” add some new insecurities-now you’re creepy and shallow and wow, if you said psycho you must be!

    Online dating is a numbers game. People often disappear to date and reappear. It’s not a commentary on who you are.

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