ghosted…but not blocked. what’s up with that?

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    Lia-if it has only been a day or two since e has not been in contact and there are plans in place that you know of-like when he arrives,the hotel he is staying at etc. I would not be too concerned. If it is longer than that -he may be bailing. All you can do is wait and see if he gets in touch and is in your city, or not.

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    He bought a ticket to see you, but won’t respond or set up plans? How do you know he isn’t traveling for work and just showed you his airfare ticket for that? Who travels in the middle of the week? Where is he supposed to stay? Did you plan a day to meet? Can’t answer your question with so little detail except to say it sounds like he is blowing you off. Like most men who spend months chatting with women long distance.

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    Walk away. He’s not coming anymore.

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    Please don’t get your hopes up on a guy who lives States away… That you met online.

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    You broke up with him, why in the world would he continue to respond to you?

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    Heyy….. I agree, with you….. I too am facing a similar problem….. There was incredible chemistry I shared with a guy I met and it lasted for about a month….. He distanced himself from me and began ghosting….. Its been about three months now he doesn’t pick my calls or read my messages….. He went cold turkey on me….. Yet he’s not blocked me on watsapp….. But he doesn’t read my messages…. Its quite depressing actually….. But the thing is I went up to him a couple of months back and confronted him….. If he wanted to end the relationship…. If there was no scope or hope for anything….. I wanted a closure…. But he said he needed time and he would contact me….. I’m still waiting for him… Can’t get over him

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    I realised many answers were really harsh,rough & tough.Many women have leart the heard way to gain experience while others are still struggling.
    We can learn to help a vulnerable person with kind but objective words to help her heal & learn

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    LOL i have to roll my eyes for the people who say ”ignoring is easier” , ”why should he block you, he already ignores you” ,you people dont think far enough !! YES a person may ignore you , although NOT BLOCKING someone means you can STILL write msg to them , and even if they put your msg on MUTE , those messages will STILL POP UP at theyre whatsapp or instagram for example (even if they dont get a tone or so when you write them, but you WILL still see that the person who YOU currently ghost on wrote you when you go into your whatsapp acc). I have tested stuff like this with my friends phones already on both android and iphones. And even if he or she deleted you + muted you , it still will be seen on your whatsapp , sure it only shows a nr if you had already deleted someone out of your contacts , but if your profile pic is open ,for everyone to see, he or she who ghosted on you will still know who you are (if the profile pic shows your face). IN MY opinion it IS a better way to block someone instead of just ignoring (if I would get messages from someone i ghost on ,it would annoy me , especially if i knew that this person had feelings for me,cause those ppl will try to reach out to you ,since they dont know whats happening or whats wrong when u SUDDENLY out of nowhere when everything actually went good ghosts on you, also i would not want to see the msg either even if i chose to mute it, still pops up in my whatsapp as soon i would go in there). I dont like ppl msg me who i dont want to talk to , so I WOULD prefer to block, not just ignore. No garantie that they will still msg me every few days or so…(Now i would never go ghost on someone , to me thats a coward move , instead of just saying whats really wrong. Id prefer someone to tell me that they have no interest anymore OR whatever reason they have instead of suddenly just ignoring me. Yes you dont HAVE to tell someone why , but that still doesnt make it an ok move). Better block instead of ghosting only.

    And one thing too: IF i would NOT block someone, then its ONLY bcs of those reasons: 1. I MAY want to sneack back to you or 2. Also i may want to sneak back to you (well i would want to try) maybe i would do it days maybe weeks maybe months later AND i would wait to SEE if you will chase me. Some men love to see if youd chase after them. A lot of people who ghost ,especially men are narcissts. I was ghosted before many times by men, theres only ONE man where it did hurt me a lot cause everything went very well and suddenly only a few hours later he unfollowed me on insta. etc and also didnt answer my msg either ( He only clicked on my insta msg , he saw it, but dont know if he read it , but probably he did read it , he just didnt answer it) , any OTHER men who ghosted me were men i had no feelings for ,so i didnt care i also didnt reach out to none of them. So, only 1 guy where i did care…

    It really depends on WHO it is ,who ghosted you.

    Usually or at least mainly ,if you had no real interest ,feelings or so you wont care if someone ghosts or blocks you, if you did care for that person and nothing even happend (nothing negative) then it will hurt you and leave u with questions. So

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    Last thing to my Last comment: This was more a ingeneral comment about blocking or ghosting

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    ANM Staff

    Thanks for sharing, Li!

    For the folks joining this thread, please make note of the date on which it started – keep in mind that some of the participants in this conversation have moved-on a while ago.

    I’ve been closing down old threads lately but I’ve been politely encouraged to leave open the old topics that have broad appeal, and we certainly see this topic come up a lot. So, I’ll leave this one open. You’re still welcome to start your own new thread if you’d like specific questions answered about your own story. Best wishes!

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    What happened with your story? Did you end up hearing from him?? I had a similar situation

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    What happened with your situation? Did u hear from him? I’ve had a similar situation

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    Read the thread. It says what happened. They broke up.

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    I’m in a similar situation. I was dating a guy for 4 weeks and everything was going well and amazing. Then one day he told me how he felt life was getting to him and his work but then 24 hours later told me he needed time to himself. I respected that and I messaged a week later asking if he was ok but still got no response. It’s now coming up to 3 weeks since we last spoke and I’m stuck in limbo.

    Do I stay loyal because I like him or do I move on? It’s only because he hasn’t blocked me that confuses me because from day one we both said if we didn’t like each other we’d block/ call it quits and he hasn’t done that?

    What should I do??

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    OMG Danny, Move on!
    No answer is an answer…

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    ANM Staff

    This topic definitely resonates with a lot of people!

    But it’s years old, and the community tends not to participate heavily in such an old thread. If you (or anyone else visiting this thread) would like to talk about it, you are welcome to start a fresh new thread!

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    There’s this guy whom I work with, he has blocked and unblocked me several times. Every time he blocks me the reason is he thinks I make him feel sexy and then seeing me he just thinks where to put his hands on me. We both know that this all has no future, or we don’t have any future together, yet we like to be touched by each other. But This time he didn’t block me bcz this time when after one month of unblocking we were normal in the beginning but then again somehow or the other sexting started, though I stopped but it was already very late. Since it was night time, he promised me he won’t block me and asked me to sleep peacefully but the next day he deleted my number and told me that he doesn’t want to talk to me and since then he is not replying to my messages.
    I am so much stressed. I don’t understand what to do? How to move on? Please help

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    I just keep on seeing my WhatsApp to see if he has blocked me or not. I am myself tired if not letting go yet I cannot do it. Please help

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    ANM Staff

    Hi jaanam – I’m sorry to hear about your situation. You are welcome to start a new thread here. Best wishes to you!

    For everyone who visits this conversation topic: This is a very popular topic and many of our visitors have experienced this. You are all most welcome to start a conversation thread so you can have support and advice from our community. You can start a fresh new conversation topic by going to this page. Swipe down to the bottom of the page, and you’ll see the form which allows you to start a new topic.

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