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    I have a serious question and it is: is it or is it not appropriate to fool around with your FWB’s brother, because technicaly there’s nothing serious between the two of you. And you’re free to date/have sex with whoever you want. As long as everyone is cool with it(the brothers and you) right??
    I accidently matched my fwb’s brother on tinder(unknowingly because they look nothing alike) we talked and then he asked to see me i first hesitated because i don t wanna lose my friend because i know what will happen if i actually go to see him i made sure it was in public but he still managed to kiss me. He then asked to meet at his place next time. To which i said no.. because i m not sure if it s appropriate, first, and i m not sure what they’ll think of me..
    Opinions down below, smart mouths and know-it-alls might as well keep it to themselves, be respectful guys.

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    This is a bad idea and I’m sure your gut is telling you that.

    Do you really think a guy wants to date someone his brother has been sleeping with?
    I mean assuming you had a sister your age would you want her seeing your FWB.

    If anything, he’ll probably just want to hook up with you as well.

    Avoid this whole mess there are other guys you can date.

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    No, hookup

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    If he is already asking for you to meet up at his place, then he’s probably trying to hook up with you.

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    Of course he is! Now what?!

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    Maybe break up and date the brother in a year or so. Otherwise, you will get a horrible reputation.

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    Go for it!
    Every Brothers dream…

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    You are being too easy here. I would say to Yes its ok to date a fwb brother but he isnt even dating you. He invited you to a home/sex date. So forget about both of them and go look for good dating perspectives

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    One word, two syllables.

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    Better off single

    Bro code. Stick to the bro code. If it feels wrong dont do it

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    My fwb we’re not really talking anymore or seeing each other. He’s been ignoring me lately which i don’t really care about because i m constantly seeing other people. Despite that, i really tried avoiding the brother (who’s just as hot as his brother *.*) but the other time i was bored, so i went to see him and i.explained that i can’t do more than this but he said i asked my brother and he said he’s cool with it and that you’re just friends

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    I’m older but I wouldn’t want to date someone my brother was having casual sex with. Not have a real relationship with her at least.

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    All I can say is do not go there. Men only share woman they will never be with, other than for sex and probably getting together and taking notes. That’s your answer.

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