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    Is it possible to update the forum rules to include that using different names is not allowed? As well as sneaky reposts. I’ve noticed this has started being enforced for over a year now but it’s not mentioned anywhere except for when it happens which is kinda weird

    Almost no social media has a rule against duplicate accounts or names (iirc forums generally do frown upon reposts but they include this in their rules). And this is probably the frame of reference of newcomers who visit here. Then out of nowhere a user is lowkey reprimanded, and asked to use the same name thereafter. Most would shrug off being called out for their shenanigans, but I’m sure a few might be too embarrassed to post here again.

    I know the guidelines say users can be banned without a reason. And that’s the forum’s prerogative. But the proper way’d be to be transparent about this and mention it in the rules. Even if some newbies will still skip them

    On a lighter note I find it funny that new users on a dating forum are expected to be intuitive about a couple of forum guidelines. Which is identical to how sometimes people expect their dates or SO’s to also magically know their preferences/feelings without explicitly communicating them so. Which means it would be poetic to just leave things as is ;-) Either way, just an observation/suggestion. Cheers

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