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    My fiance broke up with me this week.

    We were together for 7 years. Never fought. Perfect for each other.

    We shared and an apt together and in the past few months we started looking to buy a house. We found the perfect house. He started acting distant. I thought it was just stress, which he agreed. He put the house all in his name because I have little to no credit. I had a bad feeling but he said I was being paranoid. On the day he closed on the house he broke up with me.

    He told me he think’s he gay. He can’t be in a relationship with me while he explores his feelings. He said he’s only been feeling this way for the past few months and before he was completely attracted to women. He also said if he doesn’t like being with men that he would call me. I dont know what to believe. I didn’t see any signs. I’m completely blindsided and don’t know what to do.

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    Hopefully you didn’t invest any of your cash?

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    Is this the new dumping card of today? Feels like it.

    Anywho, whether that’s true or not. Let him go. AND DONT TAKE HIM BACK!!!

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    Sorry this happened to you. I know it hurts. But girl he did you a favor, you definitely dodged a bullet. Over time things will definitely get better. I’m gay and my husband of 7 years told me 6 months ago that god wanted him to be with his ex girlfriend. He confessed this after a found out they were sexting and possibly meeting up. My world was completely shattered. But now six months later he wants to come back, but I have found so much self esteem and independence. Keep strong, keep your head up. You will gain so much strength from this situation and someone that appreciates and cherish you is around the corner.

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    There is nothing you can do. Either it is true or not, but either way, he is done with this. While painful, you do not want to be married to a man who is not sure for whatever reason.

    I suggest you treat this as over over over, and get yourself some good breakup stuff and treat yourself right.

    Also, I am not sure why you were together for 7 years, but unless you were young, that could have been a clue….

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    Well at least you didn’t marry him! You dodged a bullet. Go find yourself a man who wants to be with YOU who isn’t trying to have experiences with the same sex and come back if he doesn’t like it, seriously? Thats so dumb

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