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    I’ve been dating this guy for about 2 months now. I thought our conversation been pretty good, we have a lot in commons and he seem interested in getting to know me (asking me a lot of questions).

    At first it didn’t bother me but he made this comment twice now where he would say “sorry that I’ve been so busy and couldn’t take you out more, if I bored you, you can eject anytime and I won’t be mad”. He would tell me I can eject anytime if he bored me. Is that coming from someone who insecure and worry I’ll leave just because he can’t take me out often, or is it because he actually doesn’t care if I’m there or not?

    I did ask him so you really won’t be upset if I leave? He just said probably not upset but just sad, but he will get over it eventually. I actually feel a bit sad hearing that.

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    He sounds insecure and setting himself up to guard against disappointment. Both are not the best headspace to go into a new relationship.

    You can reassure him that you’re interested but honestly I would take a step back and give him space and not expect much from him. Maybe spend time with other dates and friends.

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    I was worry that it was the case as well. Even though he said his interested and was very active in texting and calling me. When we go out he seem to keep a distance emotionally I think, which made it hard for me to connect. His a really sweet guy though, I want to give it a go but also scare he will run off.

    From what he told me, sounds like he got hurt a few times in the past.

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