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    I was dumped i moved on now he’s crawling back for friendship?

    My long term boyfriend left me and i was okay with it. It was somewhat mutual. I didn’t cry or beg for him to stay with me so it’s been about 4 months and he’s dating someone else. Which I’m fine with. We broke up on good terms that’s why i wasn’t upset. But he contacted me the other day saying he misses our friendship then asked has any guy tried to talk to me yet. He sent me selife’s of hisself and then asked me to send him selfies back. He then said “i still love you sweetie”

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    Whoa whoa I can’t with him sending you selfies and asking for some in return. That’s kinda gross.

    Sounds like he’s just lonely and wanting some attention. If he was serious about winning you back, he’d call and try to see you.

    Sending selfies and texting requires minimal effort, and I don’t think his intentions are good.

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    He asked me out to lunch this Friday

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    Do you think its worth talking about maybe trying again? You said you were fine with the break up and were moving on. If thats true i would not pick up again. And i would think about why you two broke up and if there were dealbreakers etc.

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    Liz Lemon

    The issue is that he’s dating someone else. If he were single and made it clear he wants to try again, that would be one thing. But he’s not single! It does sound like he’s setting you up to be the side chick. Or at least, he wants his ego stroked & wants attention.

    The fact that you were OK with the breakup speaks volumes. It needed to happen. Don’t let this guy’s need for attention trip you up. You’ve been doing fine all this time, don’t let him suck you back in. I would turn down his request for lunch & ignore his texts. Don’t respond to his questions about your personal life. It’s none of his business.

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    How long were you two together? If it’s only been 4 months and he’s already dating someone else she’s likely a rebound. If it were me, I would think hard about what you want to happen between you two before meeting up with him. From your post I gather neither of you are really over each other.

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    I mean i wouldn’t mind being his friend i don’t hate him or anything i was cool with the breakup it was mutual

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    He is being a gross boundary buster and a cheater at the same time. Yuck.

    What do you want? Get back together or friend? I suggest you get clear and then make it clear. You will have very bad karma if you cheat with him.

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