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    I will get straight to the point and try to not make this long. My man of a year and a half had been draining the life out of me. It’s a tough time right now and I have been trying my best to remain strong. This has been going on since April of this year non stop. He pushes me away and lashes out at me. I take it and still be there for him. Long story short it’s always literally about money. I give him money for whatever it is and he is good then boom it happens again and again. I saw him over the weekend and funky attitude he brought into my space but when he got the 200 cash from me he was good. Now here we are a few days later and he needs something else. When he goes through this he is so dang mean to me. He so distant and short with me. He is sort of a downer to be around. I guess I’m just a fixer and I truly love this man. But this hurts. I can’t even talk to him or vent to him, we always talk about his issues, i feel alone and drained. I feel if I don’t help I will suffer. I really really hope he is not playing me and manipulating me by acting this way because he knows what I will do for him. I’m just drained now. He is again being short and mean again. I try to talk to him and be there but he pays that no mind when I try to pour love and life into him. He perks the heck up with money though and acts like he doesn’t want it but iI know him. Am o being used and manipulated?

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    This has been posted before. What’s with all the stories being reposted under new names lately??

    Are you used and being manipulated? I’m going to say something shocking: no. You are not being used and manipulated because you are willingly going along with all his requests for money and then tolerating his bad behavior. Every time you fork over the cash, you are agreeing to be treated the way he treats you. You’ve trained him that you’re OK with it.

    You know he won’t come around any longer if you refuse to give him money. So you must want him pretty bad for some reason. What are those reasons?

    Said it before, will say it again – you don’t like how you’re being treated, WALK AWAY. And for crying out loud stop being this man’s ATM machine.

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    At this point YOU are the one draining you.

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    This has been posted more than once! I am sorry but what it is that you seek advice for? Hes nice to you when you fork out money. Otherwise hes mean and unpleasant to be around. So if you happy doling out money to men to hang out with you and be nice to you, thn great. Thats entirely your choice.you want to buy affection, thats upto u. But if you want genuine affection, respect and love, you need to start respecting yourself and stop trying to buy love.

    You know what you must do. But you dont want to cut this man loose. So keep continuing giving him money and buying his time and love. Or say no and step up for yourself. Walk away.

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    Stop trying to buy a man…

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