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    I just have to share some true gems of texts I received today. Can anyone explain me why on earth would a guy in early 30s think that sending unsolicited suggestive fruit/vegetable emojis to a girl he never slept with would get him laid?

    After letting a guy know my time availability I received:
    “good to know, beer emoji, EGGPLANT EMOJI, :D”
    “I am tipsy now, but we can surely meet during the week BANANA EMOJI”

    Background: met him over tinder a few years ago while doing student exchange in his country. Went to 2 dates, nice guy, but we both misinterpreted actions due to cultural differences so it all fizzled out. After a few years I moved back to his country. He found me on instagram and after a bit of DMing he suggested meeting up again. I thought why not, going for a drink won’t hurt. We never talked about anything sexual before. I’m pretty sure this is not a misinterpreted cultural difference lol

    He later even inquired whether that was too cheeky and wondered why didn’t I like it, ending it with a comment that I shouldn’t take everything so seriously.

    Seriously, does stuff like that actually work on anyone?!

    Spoiler alert: there will be no beer, banana peeling or eggplant consumption

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    No explanations needed. You interpreted the text/emoji’s as it was intended. He was hoping for a hook-up then tried to make it seem like you had no sense of humor when you called him out on it. There are an abundance of men who do this on dating sites. Tinder is notorious for being a hook-up site. There is a reason it has the reputation it does.

    As for if it works, you’d have to ask the dude in question. It wouldn’t work on me and I’d find it off-putting through text especially only after 2/3 dates. To me, that makes it obvious that he’s only looking for one thing and it’s definitely not getting to know you.

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    I don’t know any man that acts like that. I just had to say your spoiler alert was hilarious! 😂

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    T from NY

    There are definitely girls who are DTF with little, to no, effort from dudes. He was just trying to find out if you were one. Eww. I would have never responded again. Check please.

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