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    I was with the guy I’ve been talking to and hanging out for a while last night. We started off as strictly friends with benefits but it’s become a little complicated for both our parts so I’m not sure what we are right now. Anyways, he invited me over to his house so I went but I wasn’t planning on spending the night or anything. we were hanging out and he took my phone as a joke and hid it and I was like oh I need my phone so I can leave which I thought would hint at the fact that I was gonna leave soon but that just made him keep it more and he was like just sit there and think. Next, he kept trying to go to bed and was telling me to go to sleep and I was like uhhh I’m going home soon. And then he was like why are you going home? And then he asked if I had work tomorrow? I just want to know if you guys think him acting this way meant he wanted me to spend the night and if so why? Please don’t write stuff about how if we’re fwb I shouldn’t be worrying about it because our situation is more than fwb now it’s just super complicated and I can’t explain because it will literally take all day. Thanks!

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    Liz Lemon

    How old are you two?

    Strangers on the internet have no way of knowing his motives, so we can’t know why he did it.

    Maybe he wanted you to spend the night. If he did, he should have asked directly. That’s what mature adults do. (and that’s why I asked how old you two are? you seem very young, no offense). Maybe he was just teasing you. Who knows.

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    We cant say things about fwb situations, you cant tell why its so complicated and yes its more than fwb. But the title of the post is: does he like me? Based on the fact he hid your phone. I would say, Yes he likes you, he likes you to come over and tease you. But that does that mean anything? To me, no what you are describing is silly immature actions and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, if you are young. Its called having fun, but i dont see much beyond that. What do you want? If you want it to be more, just ask him. Thats the easiest way

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    I call bullhonkey on complicated. It is another form of avoidance or just not into you. Which one is it? and why would you tolerate it anyhow?

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