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    I came to know this guy on plane, he is 16 yrs older. We start off as friends,but becos of distance, we didnt not progress.Few years later,we happened to contact and meet again and decided to be together. He flew to see me few times and things seem good. However,we were on and off as we didnt stay in same countries. This went almost 1 yr, and i found out that he actually married.He said sorry but he seperated with her becos they cant get along and he stay oversea most of his time. They have no kids.he said he would like to continue seeing me, but if i dont want,he understands. What should i do?

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    He’s married. You don’t live near each other. He just wants occasional sex from you. What’s to figure out?

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    don’t you care about the fact that he is married and never informed you of that little fact? and for so many years! plus he is sooo many years older. plus hes so far. plus he doesn’t want a proper relationship. plus this is just a convenient arrangement where you meet occasionally? seriously whats to even think about this? chuck this out of your life. he got easy convenient sex and companionship from you. that’s all. if this is all that you want as well than let it continue.

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    There is so much wrong with even the title to this thread.

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