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    I came to know this guy on plane, he is 16 yrs older. We start off as friends,but becos of distance, we didnt not progress.Few years later,we happened to contact and meet again and decided to be together. He flew to see me few times and things seem good. However,we were on and off as we didnt stay in same countries. This went almost 1 yr, and i found out that he actually married.He said sorry but he seperated with her becos they cant get along and he stay oversea most of his time. They have no kids.he said he would like to continue seeing me, but if i dont want,he understands. What should i do?



    don’t you care about the fact that he is married and never informed you of that little fact? and for so many years! plus he is sooo many years older. plus hes so far. plus he doesn’t want a proper relationship. plus this is just a convenient arrangement where you meet occasionally? seriously whats to even think about this? chuck this out of your life. he got easy convenient sex and companionship from you. that’s all. if this is all that you want as well than let it continue.




    I like a married man and I think he likes me too. When I text him he’s polite and he texts back but then when he says he will call me instead texts back just before the scheduled call and cancels. I know he’s married but why does even try to connect since he’s not able to follow up? Also I’m the one who initiates the texting. What does all this mean? Thanks, Christine



    because he likes the attention outside of his marriage. HE IS MARRIED , please have some respect not only for yourself but for his wife and stop texting him.



    So Christine, you’re chasing a married man, you get what you deserve.



    Christine, what does all this mean? It means you’re a homewrecker. I have no respect for someone who knowingly and actively pursues someone who is married.



    Yes, I’m interested in a married man in his second marriage.
    He’s tied up and with a couple of teenagers. Not so unusual for today’s society. I’m not going to try pushing him into anything just wondering how he could be so attentive in person and then cold afterwards. I guess his way of controlling his desires.



    No, you’re not wondering that. You’re wondering why a married man is not treating you like you’re in a committed relationship with him.

    But for real, if you’re coming here and asking this question and seriously wanting an answer: He’s treating you this way because you are the side chick. That’s all you’ll ever be with him – even if he leaves his wife. Just. A. Side. Chick.




    I’m sure you are right. In the meantime he just texted after three weeks of traveling. I know it’s not an ideal situation but sometimes one can’t help their feelings. I’m trying not to get caught up in a bad situation. Hopefully he won’t pay too much attention to me next time I see him. It will make it easier to stay cool about it.



    Christine, He is just “playing” with your feelings. He just wants attention!



    Yes, this is for sure the case.

    Don’t we all want the same? What’s wrong with that, I’m just saying maybe it’s ok to get a little attention from each other. It doesn’t always have to be a negative situation. Flirting can be a good thing for both of us.



    It’s called self respect. Get some.



    He will do it for you, he will do it to you…



    So get a little attention from and flirt with someone single Christine.

    Anyone with half a brain knows this situation won’t end well so why are you doing this, much less posting on a relationship advice site about it?? It’s a strange way to get attention, which is what you’re doing here. Unless you’re a psychopath or sociopath, you are well aware playing footsie with a married man is wrong.

    I’m guess either you have incredibly low self-esteem, you’re operating on some kind of old pattern or you are unavailable yourself and want to make sure you pick someone you can’t actually get with.

    Good luck with that.

    And once you’re married someday may no one ever play with your husband behind your back like this.



    Raven, what’s that suppose to mean?




    I’m not planning on getting married so that doesn’t really apply to me. Also, he has been texting since he’s back from his trip. I’m happy about that since I can get to know him better now.



    I don’t plan on marrying do this doesn’t apply to me.



    You are being selfish. Even if he leaves his wife for you, do you not think he won’t do the same to you? Maybe not right away… but once you are comfortable. A new chick will give him attention… and soon he will be doing the things he is doing to his wife now to you.
    You should respect yourself and his wife to find someone else



    Yes, I do think he will do the same why wouldn’t t he do the same. I understand that and will have to accept it. Why is that selfish? I’m not understanding the logic behind your thinking, I’m open to this type of relationship. His wife may not be as kind as we think maybe she has her issues too. Many times wives are demanding for nothing. Life is to be enjoyed and not so serious.


    ANM Staff

    You can’t be serious.

    I’m shutting down the thread because I don’t see any form or logic or reason that would get through to you. This is a forum for building up relationships and seeking clarity, not a latrine.

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